Clubs and Organizations

Hey Haverfordians!

In processing your housing questionnaires, we’ve gotten to know a lot of your activities, hobbies, and interests, many of which have student groups on campus! There are over 100 student-run organizations to participate in at Haverford where you can meet new people with similar interests and passions. They can all be broken down into 7 categories: (1) Academic & Pre-Professional; (2) Activities & Recreation; (3) Affinity; (4) Community Houses; (5) Service & Activism; (6) Spiritual & Religious Life; (7) Visual & Performing Arts.

Academic & Pre-Professional

Academic & Pre-Professional clubs offer various means for expanding academic interests outside of the classroom, including hosting panels with alumni, establishing networks in external fields, and organizing workshops. These include the Pre-Health Society, The Clerk (Haverford’s Independent Student Newspaper), and Haverford Mock Trial.

Activities & Recreation

There is no one type of Haverford student and the clubs reflect the diverse array of interests on-campus. Recreational clubs include… just to name a few… music groups (e.g. Bi-Co Jazz Ensemble, one of our 6 a capella groups), sports (Softball, Men’s Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee), game enthusiasts (DnD Club, MtG Club), sketch groups (The Throng Improv Comedy, Off The Spot), and many, many more!


Affinity groups at Haverford play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment that empowers students of all identities by holding open and private discussion groups, panels, and meetings. Some of Haverford’s affinity groups include Black Students’ League (BSL), Alliance of Latin American Students (ALAS), Queer Discussion Group, Haverford Asian Students Association (HASA), and more!

Community Houses

Upper-class students are given the opportunity to live with others who share the same identities and interests. These spaces often engage the wider Haverford community, either through open affinity group discussions or fun events. These include the Ira De A. Reid House for students that identify as Black, Quaker House for those interested in Quakerism, etc.

Spiritual & Religious Life

Haverford’s religious groups work to create a supportive spiritual and social community to those identifying as such by organizing meetings, celebrating holidays, and sponsoring events. These groups include the Jewish Student Union (JSU), Muslim Students Association (MSA), etc.

Visual & Performing Arts

Haverford’s performing arts groups are entirely student led! They include Greasepaint Productions (a Bi-Co musical theater troupe), Bounce Dance Club, and Spotlight Theater Company. You can also join the Federation United Concert Series (FUCS), a student-run group that brings various musical artists to campus to perform!

Check out the pasted link below for a full list of all the student organizations on campus! And as always, let us know if you have any questions at