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Over the course of my first year at Haverford, I picked up SO many Haverford acronyms (Haveracronyms?) that I now use daily in my life on campus. I thought it’d be useful to compile them here so you can get familiar with them before you step on campus (and become lost and confused like I was).

HCA – Haverford College Apartments 

The HCA complex, generally referred to as just “the apartments,” is located at the south end of campus fully eqquiped with kitchens and common room areas. 


KINSC – Koshland Integrated Natural Science Center

The KINSC (pronounced KIN-sk) houses a wide portion of Haverford’s natural science departments. It’s not only a building, but a program that funds research projects, holds symposia, and connects students with faculty work. 


SciLi – Science Library 

Haverford’s science library, located on the 3rd floor of the KINSC. 


GIAC – Gardner Integrated Athletic Center

The GIAC (GEE-ack) is a relatively new athletic facility (opened in 2005) that includes a fitness center, an arena, squash courts, a fencing salle, and campus safety offices. It’s also LEED gold-certified!


VCAM – Visual Culture Arts and Media

The VCAM (Vee-Cam) is a 24/7 creative hub for students, faculty, and staff housing the interdisciplinary Minor in Visual Studies, Haverford Innovations Program, Makers Arts Spaces (with a 3-D printer!), a screening theater. 


DC – Dining Center

The DC is Haverford’s one and only dining center that offers “all you care to eat” meals within a rotating menu that is constantly revised with student input. 


DCB – Dining Center Basement

This is a great place for studying/relaxing! The DCB features various group study rooms, a small home theater, the blackbox theater, and the bandroom. 


OAR – Office of Academic Resources 

The OAR offers students various educational supports to fully actualize your academic abilities, including workshops, walk-in hours for academic advice, and a system for finding peer tutors (free of charge) for tons of different subjects, including natural sciences, math, languages, and more! 


CCPA – Center for Career and Professional Advising

The CCPA works to help students explore, identify, and realize their career goals as they translate their liberal arts education into meaningful work. Here you can find the Part-Time Job Board, resume-building supports, and networks for connecting with Haverford alumni. 


CPGC – Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

The CPGC is a very broad program that offers means for local community engagement, courses and curricular pathways for social justice work (such as a major, minor, or concentration), and financial support for student and faculty projects and activities that advance peace, social justice, and global citizenship. 


CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS is an excellent on-campus resource for student mental health, offering walk-in periods (that get extended during finals week) and the opportunity to schedule weekly appointments with a counselor/therapist. 


ADS – Access and Disability Services 

ADS seeks equal and meaningful access to all campus programs, facilities, and services for all students through providing accommodations and resources for students with disabilities. The coordinator, Sherrie Borowsky, is great and works to meaningfully connect with the students who are serviced. 


SLO – Student Life Office

The Dean’s Office and Student Life is generally responsible for all of student life on campus, including academic, social, and community affairs. 


MCC – Multicultural Center

The MCC is a space in Stokes open to everyone where students can relax, engage in peer learning tutorials and classes, and hold workshops. The space is also used for art exhibits, alumni events, speakers, and other community-sponsored events. 


OMA – Office of Multicultural Affairs

The OMA sustains and carries out Haverford’s commitment to diversity and multiculturalism by supporting student programs, faculty initiatives, and curricular innovations that cultivate a vibrant and multifaceted community. 


ISSO – International Student Services Office

The ISSO provides resources that support Haverford’s international student population, including International Student Orientation (ISO) for incoming students, International Student Resource Persons (ISRPs), guidance in obtaining employment, and programs and internships through collaboration with OMA. 


BCC – Black Cultural Center 

The Ira de Augustine Reid House/Black Cultural Center is a residential space for black students and center for the Black Students’ League (BSL), an affinity group that seeks to promote awareness and cross cultural understanding through events and meetings. 


LIFTFAR – Low-Income First-in-Their-Family Assistance and Resources 

While Haverford’s commitment to the inclusion of low-income and first-generation students is primarily manifest in its financial aid policy, the administration understands there are often needs in the regular flow of student life that are outside of the parameters. LIFTFAR aims to provide financial, educational, and social resources for those who need them. 


SSJI- Summer Social Justice Institute

One of the optional pre-Customs programs which centers around social justice.  If you want more information, check out Evan’s blog post here


PCOP- Pre-Customs Outdoors Program

Another pre- Customs program that involves hiking and camping in various areas on the East Coast.  For more information, check this out this post


BMC – Bryn Mawr College

The former “Sister School” for Haverford College, Bryn Mawr is the women’s college about 10 minutes away where you can also take your classes, eat meals, and have fun! 


BlooB – Blue Bus

You take the BlooB (pronounced like the beginning of blueberry) which leaves from behind Stokes to BMC. 


Whew! That was a lot. Don’t worry about having to commit this to memory. By the end of your first semester, you’ll hopefully be comfortable with a lot of this shorthand! 

As always, let us know if you have any questions at hc-newstudents@haverford.edu



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