Packing List and Decorations!!!

How the heck do I pack for college?

You need less than you think, so this list is divided into ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS FOR EVERYONE and some things you might want, but don’t need.  Don’t worry about getting everything on this list and I (Hanna) would suggest waiting to buy some things until you’re sure who’s in the same suite as you so you don’t have four sets of everything.  

Check out our suggested packing list!
(This list is adapted from a list by Anna Neuheardt and Ken Ruto, the interns from two years ago and the UPenn packing list.) 

Below is just a little more information about the amenities in each dorm and some FAQs that can help guide your packing process!

General things to know about each dorm:

There are five freshman halls in Barclay (pronounced bark-lee). Each floor has a microwave and sink along with vending machines on the first floor.  There are carpets and a lot of closet space, but drawer space varies a bit. There are a mix of singles and doubles and (depending on how the hall feels about it) there can be gender neutral bathrooms. There are common rooms for each suite.  

There are nine halls in Gummere (pronounced gum-mur-ree) and each hall has a microwave.  Similarly to Barclay, there can be gender neutral bathrooms and all the rooms are singles.  There are carpets and you cannot have air conditioning in the building. There are closets and dressers built into each room, but there is more closet space.

Each of the five First-Year apartments has a full kitchen on the first floor, with a full sized refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwaves on the first floor.  The second floor apartments, although they have a stove, oven, and refrigerator, do not have a microwave. There are no cooking supplies in the apartments, so if you want to cook then you should bring some supplies (keep in mind all First Years are required to be on the full meal plan). The rooms are majority doubles and there are 2-3 common rooms on each floor.  There is a lot of both drawer and closet space, along with a lot of storage space.

Tritton has two large common rooms on each floor with a small kitchenette. There are no carpets, air conditioning, and the dorm only has singles.  There are four First Year halls in Tritton and each floor has a study room.


What can I use to decorate my room?
The school only allows for painter’s tape, picture hanging strips (3M command strips), and post-it notes directly on walls.  However there are plenty of ways to stay within these rules and still make your dorm look amazing.

Is there anything now on the list you would recommend bringing?
I LOVE my string lights and they’re really useful especially when you have a roommate because they allow you to have some light and work or watch something on your laptop, but also aren’t super intrusive to someone else’s sleep.

What do you mean by “nice-ish” clothes on the packing list?
We have formal dances and events on campus about once or twice per semester, so it’s nice to have a nice-ish dress or khakis or something that fits this theme.  There’s no need to bring a ball gown or prom attire, just something you feel good in! You also might have to go to interviews or  dinners that are a little more formal, so take this into account when packing!

Am I allowed to bring a mini-fridge?
Yes, but it must be no larger than 4 cubic feet! But you probably don’t need one, considering you’re on a full meal plan.  Consider getting clips for your bags of snacks instead!

Do I need a bike or other mode of transportation on campus?
No. The longest walk is maybe 12 minutes and campus is really beautiful. If you REALLY feel like you need a bike after a few weeks on campus, there’s a used bike sale in front of the DC twice each year.

Can I bring a pet?
Eh… You can technically have pet that doesn’t have fur, like a small fish, bird, or reptile, HOWEVER, everyone you’re living with MUST also be comfortable with the animal and you need to be able to take care of it. (Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Is there anything I’m not allowed to bring?
First Years are not allowed to have cars on campus.  Additionally, the school doesn’t allow for burning of candles, or use of hot plates, halogen lamps, or exposed light bulbs in dorms, as they can pose a fire risk.  

When will I get my housing assignment? 
Probably around late July or early August, but be patient because Jonah and I are putting a lot of hard work into trying to give you all good halls.

Where can I buy stuff for my dorm close to campus?
There’s a Bed Bath and Beyond a 10 minute drive from campus.  There’s also an Ikea in Conshohocken and Targets in Wayne and King of Prussia.  You can also order things from Amazon and other online stores to your school shipping address ([Your Name], 370 Lancaster ave, Haverford, PA 19041) up to a week before you move in.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at



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