Campus Building Tour: Academic Buildings!

Hey everyone!

Despite campus being relatively small, I STILL get confused while navigating hallways to find my next class at the start of each semester. Below is a quick list of Haverford’s academic buildings so you can get a sense of where each department lies and where you’ll be taking classes! Keep an eye out for a follow up blog post introducing more buildings on campus!


Union contains faculty offices of the Music department, and includes classrooms, practice spaces, and the MacCrate Recital Hall for rehearsals and small concerts. You can also find the Music Library downstairs, which is not only a great place to work, but also houses tons of music scores, audio recordings, and computers with notation and editing software.



Roberts houses offices for the Sociology and Anthropology departments, and includes Marshall Auditorium, where large concerts are performed. It also has a bunch of practice rooms in the basement. There are currently huge plans to build an extension off of Roberts to support new spaces for music learning and performance.

Marian E. Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center (a.k.a. KINSC):


The KINSC is a huge building complex that encompasses Sharpless and Hilles Halls and houses the biology, chemistry, computer sciences, mathematics, physics, and psychology departments. On the top floor is the Science Library.


Chase Hall holds various classes and offices for the Economics and Linguistics, and also contains chase auditorium, a small lecture style room where a lot of guest speakers usually present.


Hall Building contains classrooms and offices for the humanities and social sciences professors. A lot of your mandatory writing seminars will take place in Hall.


Stokes hall is the center of administration, including dean and res life offices, various forms of student support, the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) Café, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and a large lecture style auditorium. It’s also where we, the interns, work from for the summer!


The trademark Haverford College building. Founders houses the offices of the president, provost, vice president for finance and administration, vice president for institutional advancement, and institutional research offices.

Visual Culture, Arts, and Media (VCAM):


The VCAM facility is a 24/7 access building designed for creative interests, and contains a 3-D printing studio, a small screening room, a computer lab, and various makers art spaces for showcases and performances.

Lutnick Library (Under Construction):

Previously known as Magill, Lutnick Library will not only house many books, but also Quaker and Special Collections. It is planned to open again with your arrival in the fall. With its new renovations, Lutnick will also house a small cafe!

And there’s your brief introduction to Haverford’s academic buildings! Stay tuned for another look at the rest of Haverford’s campus next week! And as always, contact with any questions.