Ardmore Excursions


Between classes, extracurriculars, and jobs you may find yourself with some free time on your hands. While it may be tempting to stay within the bounds of Haverford’s tight-knit community, there are plenty of places in the surrounding area (i.e. Haverford, Ardmore) to explore! Here’s a brief compilation of some of our favorite off-campus activities near Haverford College (stay tuned for a post about Philly!)




Wawa is a 24/7 rest stop/food market chain and an absolute staple for your late night food needs, offering a large selection of hot and cold hoagies, salads, bowls, specialty beverages, and snacks! Its bright red sign acts as a beacon for its fast and familiar food.

Kung Fu Tea


The best place to get boba, milk tea, and other sweetened drinks near campus.  KFT just opened this past spring and is a great place to study, catch up with friends, and play Jenga and UNO. They have free WiFi and drinks costs around $3-6 and food is a little more expensive.

Junior League Thrift


The leading thrift shop in Ardmore is Junior League Thrift, full of various clothing, jewelry, household items, and any other cool stuff you might find (like a guitar if you’re lucky!). It’s always fun to stop in and see if you can find something stylish that fits you for a good price. All proceeds from the shop benefit the Junior League of Philadelphia’s community projects!


One of Hanna’s favorite places! Half of the store is a broadly asian (but mostly Japanese-centered) grocer with fresh and frozen ingredients, instant ramen and curry, and the other half serves great food at around $5 for an appetizer or $10-15 for a main course.  The portions are really fairly sized and they have free barley tea and water. Hanna highly recommends the croquettes!

Ardmore Station Cafe

Located right above Snap is Ardmore Station Café, another great brunch place in Ardmore.  They have great french toast and breakfast sandwich options. The prices are a little lower than Nudy’s, starting around $6-8, making it a great place for an easy Sunday breakfast away from the Dining Center.

Nudy’s Cafe


AMAZING BRUNCH and the best french fries on the Main Line (they also have great pancakes). Nudy’s is generally a little more expensive, but a great place for an occasion.  Breakfast is generally around $8-15 and lunch is about the same, but the portions are HUGE.

Snap Pizza


Snap does personal sized pizzas that you can either customize or pick from an extensive menu. Everything is around $8-10 and they have a lot of options, so it’s a really good place for groups where everyone wants something different.

Trader Joe’s

Unpopular opinion: Trader Joe’s is one of the least boujee grocery stores near Haverford.  There’s an ACME, Giant, and Whole Foods within driving distance, but you can walk to Trader Joe’s, they have a great selection of snacks and fresh produce along with great frozen meals for if you get sick of the Dining Center and need a change of pace.  Prices vary a lot depending on the product, but generally it’s fairly affordable especially for a few things here and there.

Green Engine Coffee


This is Jonah’s favorite off-campus work spot! Located right by the Haverford train station, Green Engine offers a nice space to grab a beverage, eat a snack, grind out some work, or meet a friend for coffee. Be sure to take advantage of their 50 cent coffee refills!   (Photo source:

And there’s your introduction some of our favorite spots near campus! Whether or not you decide to leave campus often, you now have some initial ideas… and there’s plenty more to explore in Bryn Mawr and Philly! As always, let us know if you have any questions at