A Day in the Life of One Haverford Student

by Natalia Cordon, Class of 2022

Hi! This is what a regular school day looks for me but it definitely varies among students depending on how many times a week your class meets, where you take your class, and weather situations (snow days!). Also, my weekends do not look like this. I sleep in much later and make an effort to go into Philadelphia using the Septa train that is only a five minute walk away from campus.

5:15 am, Gummere Hall

Yes. I actually wake up this early a few times a week, but don’t worry, I still get in my nine hours of sleep! After stumbling out of my bed and throwing on a pair of winter boots and warm snow jacket, I am ready to face the snow on my trek to work which is only a short 5 minute walk from my toasty room in Gum.  

6:00 am, Dining Center (DC) Bakery

Like many of my Haverford peers, I have an on-campus job which allows me make reasonable earnings and maintain flexibility in my schedule. I love working in the bakery because I get to engage in one of my favorite hobbies and help the amazingly kind hearted DC staff members make delicious vegan and non-vegan desserts and treats. I’m talking corn muffins, mocha biscotti, and a legendary vegan chocolate cake.

9:00 am, DC

After being around all this sugar, I’m ravenous. I get my hands on a bowl of hot oatmeal that I top with frozen raspberries and blueberries. The friends I’m joining have an array of sweet and savory items such as waffles, egg & cheese bagels, and controversial diced potatoes. Seriously though, tater tots or diced potatoes? It’s an ongoing debate. For those feeling a little more creative in the morning hours, there is a smoothie station and omelette bar available as well.

9:30 am, Founders Hall Library

I’m stuffed and fueled for the day ahead. On the days I have later classes, I like to get my work and studying done in the morning. In the temporary Founders Hall Library, I plop myself down on a couch and finish my homework for the next few days. Founders is a great quiet study space but my friends who prefer working in more relaxed environments opt for unused classrooms, common rooms, Zubrow, the OAR (Office of Academic Resources) or department lounges for studying. It all depends on preference!

11:30 am, Hilles Hall

First class of the day is with Professor Higgins who teaches Perspectives in Biology: Genetic Engineering, Farming, & Food. While I’m more interested in disciplines related to social science, Professor Higgins makes this intro level class appealing by providing humorous and informative lectures that manage to tie Beyónce to class material. That’s when you know you have a great professor.

12:45 pm, Hall Building

My next class is right after so I hustle two building over for Professor McGovern’s class, American Politics. This is a smaller, discussion-based class with only 15 students in total– not unusual at Haverford. Professor McGovern is skilled at playing the Devil’s Advocate during our discussions which ensures that our political preferences or ideologies do not solely inform our opinions. We think rationally and critically during this class, looking a contemporary examples to develop our arguments.

2:15 pm, DC

Finally I get to have some lunch. Today they are serving up some fried falafel which, sadly, is not as good for my heart as it is for my tastebuds. To get a little health in the mix, I throw in some spinach from the salad bar and drizzle on a little tahini. Don’t worry though, obviously I need something to appease my sweet tooth so I grab a double chocolate chip vegan cookie for the road.

2:45 pm, Gummere Hall

Ahhhh. Home. I have a little time to kill right now and because I took care of my work earlier in the day, I use this time to socialize with my hallmates in our the common room. We chat for a little and then I go back to my room to watch the latest episode of Grownish before changing into my clothes for practice.

4:15 pm, Field House

I am on the cross country/track and field team, therefore, depending on the workout we have planned for the day I might stop by the team’s locker room in the GIAC (Gardner Integrated Athletic Center) to grab an extra pair of socks or my track spikes. It snowed earlier and today is a long run so I am bundled up and wearing 5 layers of shirts and two beanies. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and still getting used to the cold, but I’m getting there. My teammates and I warm up in the Field House on the indoor track before heading out for our 8 mile run around the Main Line, the suburban area surrounding campus.

7:00 pm, DC

I’m “dirty-dinnering” today because I am way too hungry to take a shower in the GIAC before heading up for dinner with the rest of my team. I grab a plate of vegetable paella and spinach salad before asking a DC manager if they have any more almond milk in the stock room. As I mentioned earlier, the staff is wonderful and attentive. People can leave “napkin notes” with feedback and usually their concerns are addressed promptly. For instance, I like cocoa powder in my oatmeal so I requested they have a little cocoa shaker at the condiment station and the next day it was there. When my team and I are done eating, I ask a few of my friends if they want to study together for a little bit.

8:00 pm, The Coop

The Coop is a great study space and snack destination where each semester you have $50 to spend as part of the first year meal plan. I’m obsessed with Propel so I grab one and sit down at a table with a few friends to work on a paper I have due next week. I have a busy weekend ahead but luckily the professor assigned us a due date for this paper on the first day of classes which makes it really convenient to space out my work. Everyone has their own homework technique but when it comes to big projects like this one. I like to do a little bit a day. I also watch half of a Spanish movie for my Spanish and Latin American Film Studies course before my eyes start to shut, signaling it’s time to walk back to my dorm.

10:00 pm, Gummere Hall

I shower off before going to bed and quickly check up with my suitemates about their days. Gum is a really nice, warm temperature in winter so I have no problem getting comfy in my PJs, whereas in the summer, my mini air conditioner is on 24/7. I check my emails to see if there is anything urgent, text my parents “goodnight” and lay down on my bed.

11:00 pm: Goodnight!