Haverford College Traditions

by Luigie Febres, Class of 2022

Student traditions on campus are a big part of every college! They give you a sense of belonging that is unique to your school. Although this list does not include all of Haverford’s exciting traditions, it has some of the most popular traditions on campus.

Pinwheel Day: *The following information is of the highest clearance, only those a part of the Haverford community are allowed access.* On the dawn of one of the first nice days in spring, the black squirrels come out of hibernation and meet at Founders porch. They organize themselves in a squirrel huddle where they finalize their game plan. Soon after they gather all of the pinwheels from the previous spring and place them all across Founders green. When they hear the first Haverfordian come out of their room from an all-nighter, they put on the finishing touches and scurry back to their trees. They will watch all of the usually stressed out students sprawled across Founders green relaxing and having fun, a chatter amongst themselves.  



Midnight breakfast: It’s 11:55 pm and you’ve been on this problem set for a couple hours and all of sudden you hear a rumble from the depths of the Earth. You think it might be an earthquake but then realize that it’s just your stomach. Now you start thinking about where you can get food but everything’s closed :/  “Ping!” You check your phone and see that you’ve received a reminder email about Midnight breakfast. Wait, that’s today! Then you notice everybody in the library, as if it were rehearsed, stands up and exits to the DC. As soon as you walk into the DC the beautiful smell of french toast and bacon fill your nostrils. Soon your stomach is full and you’re ready to tackle that problem set for another couple of hours.  

Haverfest: Most Haverfordians like the spring semester better than the fall for many reasons: Winter is slowly unclenching its frosty claws, there are two weeks for finals, and the most popular reason is *insert drumroll* HAVERFEST! This is a weekend long fest that happens right before the first week of finals. It is filled with activities, food, art, live music, and did I say MORE FOOD! Each year the Haverfest committee picks a theme for the festival. Just like Pinwheel Day you’ll find students laying all over Founders green just chilling.


Screw Date: Is organized by Ford’s Against Boredom (FAB) a group on campus that offers free (yes, FREE) weekly activities on and off campus! Customs teams match their first years with others based on their preference for a romantic, platonic, or (my personal favorite) “surprise me.” Once paired, first years will have the option to eat out at one of Ardmore’s delicious restaurants with a free coupon!

Lloyd Holiday Lights Competition: Each hall is responsible for decorating their porches in whatever theme. From Scooby Doo to a classic snowman, Lloyd lights brighten that usually dark corner of campus. Even those that live in south campus make the trek to Lloyd to see the beautiful lights. Students and faculty are then prompted to vote for the best porch and the winning porch gets a cash prize to split amongst each other!