(Un)Official Mascots

7cc1h8bheigeudasMany of you may know that Haverford’s official mascot is the Black Squirrel. While some teams have adopted the Black Squirrel as their mascot, many also have their own. These mascots often replace our official nickname “Fords” and represent their teams in all manners. We thought we might share with you some of the unofficial mascots currently on campus.



Among the varsity teams we have:

Goat Logo

Goats: Members of the Varsity Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams are referred to as Goats. It started with a tale involving a talking blue and red goat that appeared in the sky (“Haverford” itself means “goat crossing” in Welsh).

Bees: Members of the Varsity Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams are Bees because of outstanding performances at a meet following a meal at a Bumblebee diner.



A number of our club teams have also adopted their own mascots and nicknames:



Men’s Rugby: Angry Newts


Men’s Ultimate: Donkeys




sneetchlogo (1)

Women’s Ultimate: Sneetches