Tips For Arriving On Campus

Move in day is almost here!! So Isabel and I (Blien) have returned from the dead (aka we wrote this before we left) just to give you some tips for arriving on campus!

Here’s a interactive map of campus where you can filter for what you need to find! This is extremely helpful for learning about Haverford’s layout and for preparing for arrival. We also suggest printing out a map and bringing it with you!

Helpful Locations To Know (you can memorize paths to other building in relation to these!):

– If you can keep track of where
Founders Hall is in relation to where you are, that’s an easy way to stay oriented.
– Another building to know is the Whitehead Campus Center, this is where you can find Office of Admission and Financial Aid, the Bookstore, and more! 
– Another building full of resources including student support, academic resources, and the International Student Office is Stokes Hall!
– In the future, the Dining Center will be useful! Food is wonderful!
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help/directions… we are a friendly bunch, and most Haverpeople you’ll see will be expecting questions from confused first years and parents.  But if you aren’t confused, nice! You can also help people navigate around!

For more information on transportation and getting to campus, check out this page on the First Year Website.


Arrival Time:
Registration opens at 8:30am, but you can move in anytime before 4pm. Lunch will be provided for incoming students and their families/friends and a program for parents begins at 1 p.m.

If you have not been pre-approved to arrive early, arrive on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Arriving after 4 p.m? Inform Dean Katrina Glanzer—your room key and OneCard will be available at the Campus Safety Office.


What to expect when you get here:
First things first, you’ll go to check in for Non-Academic Registration (New Student Check-In) somewhere on campus. This includes picking up your one card and room key*, so you’ll need to do this before you move in. The building for this isn’t set yet, but there will be plenty of signs and people telling you where to go, so it won’t be hard to find.

*If you arrive early, you’ll be able pick up your room key and one card when you get here. Note that if you are not participating in a pre-customs program, you will have to pay for meals. Check out this link for more information. However, regardless of arrival date, all First-Year students are required to go through New Student Check-In on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.


Meeting Your Customs Team:
On August 29th, your customs team will be ready and waiting to meet you and help you get settled. These strapping young folks can help you schlep (carry) your stuff upstairs and into your room, and will guide you through the rest of move-in day. To be honest, this part can feel like a rush, but you’ll have plenty of time to introduce yourself to everyone properly throughout the week!

Annnnddd… that’s about it. If your parents/guardians/friends came with you, then at around 4pm, they will be gently shooed away, and Customs will begin! *air horn sounds* P-P-P-PEEEEEWWW!!

For more information, including how to get to campus, early arrival information, etc, you can visit this link to the First Year Website’s Arrival Page. We recommend that you read through this page!