Guest Post: The Clerk

Hello to the class of 2022!

We are writing to introduce you to The Clerk, Haverford’s online, independent newspaper. The Clerk publishes news, opinions, and features articles about all aspects of the Haverford community. We publish a few articles a week to keep students informed about everything that’s happening on campus. We also publish an in-depth series every couple of months which focuses on a different issue on campus, such as student workers or transparency in student government. We’ve been around since 2012, so we hope our site’s archives serve as another resource for you if you want to learn more about campus life before arriving!

The Clerk aims to promote dialogue on campus and to serve as a platform for student voices. To achieve this goal, we maintain a staff of writers, photographers, and visual artists who regularly contribute to the website. We also welcome freelancers, so you can submit articles or photos one time (or as often as you’d like!). We love to hear a range of perspectives and ideas, so we welcome contributions from all members of the community. Whether you want to attend our weekly meetings (Sunday nights at 7:45 pm!) as a staff contributor or have an opinions piece to publish on one particular topic, there is a place for you at the Clerk. In fact, you don’t need any previous journalism experience to join! We have a great Editorial Board, and any of the editors can help you throughout the process of writing an article. We also compensate authors from $5 to $25 per submission, depending on medium and length.

Here are a few articles that the Clerk’s editorial board recommends for their popularity and relevance:

  1. A recap of the 2017-2018 school year
  2. A conversation with the president of the college, Kim Benston
  3. A statement from this year’s Customs co-heads about how they’ve changed the program for you all this year, and a follow-up from the Clerk
  4. This opinions piece about working at the Dining Center, part of last semester’s series on student workers
  5. Clerk editor David King ‘20’s piece on religious life at Haverford and response from Emily Chazen ‘18

And make sure to follow us on Facebook (Haverford Clerk), Twitter (@HaverfordClerk), and Instagram (@haverfordclerk) to see more of our articles and stay up-to-date!

If you think you may be interested in contributing to the Clerk, want to join our mailing list, or have any questions, please feel free to email Editor-in-Chief Ellen Schoder at or Associate Editor Alison Rosenman at See you on campus in just a few weeks!