Guest Post: Welcome to the CPGC

Hello Class of 2022!

My name is Julie, and I work in the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) as a program coordinator – you may remember seeing the CPGC mentioned in a post by Aarushi earlier in the summer. As an academic center, the CPGC’s mission is to advance peace, social justice, and global citizenship through research, education, and action. This means we support (though funding, facilitation, and in other ways) students and faculty who create intersections between academic work and ethical engagement on and off-campus.

These intersections can take shape in so many ways and at so many points in a Haverford student’s career, but by way of introduction I want to share a few examples of how some students utilized the CPGC’s funding resources in their first year on campus. This is truly a small sampling of how you can get involved – for a broader picture of how the CPGC fits in with your academic and activist plans over the next four years, browse the webpage (linked above) or send me an email! And once you’re on campus stop by the office in Stokes 107 to meet the CPGC staff and pick up some informational materials. We can’t wait to get to know you all!


Some quick links to know about:

CPGC Newsletter – Sign up at the bottom of the webpage for weekly Bi-Co event announcements, funding opportunities, local community happenings, and more!

Social Media – Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see how your peers are working to advance peace, social justice, and global citizenship.

CPGC Cafe – An open space for studying, meeting, and discussion with coffee, tea and snacks! Located in Stokes 104.


Saede Eifrig ’21, Global Citizenship: Migration in Philadelphia and Beyond (PEACH209) & Migration Field Study:

“The Philadelphia component introduced us to the types of work involved with documented and undocumented immigrants and served as almost a warm-up to the work we were exposed to in Mexico and Arizona. Getting to talk to the people who worked at and those who benefited from the organizations motivated me and was one of the ways in which I was able to gain the most insight, hearing how they got into their work (or just their past experiences) and what struggles it involved.”


Catherine Kim ’21, Global Health and Innovation Conference, Yale University:

“The program was valuable as it showed me a variety of ways that art/design can intersect with global health…. As someone interested in both health and art, this conference has shown me what kind of opportunities I can pursue with these passions.”

Catherine learned about the conference through an info session held by the HC Pre-Health Advising team, CCPA, and CPGC during her first weeks on campus, and applied for funding through the CPGC’s Off-Campus Conferences and Workshops fund. CPGC supports one or two students in attending Unite for Sight every year.


Rafael Rodriguez ’20, internship at RECLAIM in Manchester, UK: “Even though I look forward to being a computer science major, most of the work I did [at the internship] was related to personal convictions and expectations I have for all people both at home and abroad. I really want people to start engaging in conversations that show them the true nature of people, thus allowing the prevention of attitudes that are harmful to society overall. However, I also developed designs and infographics that relate to my future academic interests.”


Lourdes Taylor ’21, BIOL118 Economic Botany Field Study, Trinidad and Tobago:

“Amongst many other things, Asa Wright Nature Centre demonstrated to us that one cannot simply study science and hope to understand the environment. Trinidad and Tobago’s culture, politics, history of colonisation, economy, and people are inseparably linked to understanding the environment, and we are more informed students, scholars, people, and most importantly, global citizens, for having spent time there.”

(The Economic Botany Field Study is taking a break for AY18/19 while Professor Jon Wilson is on sabbatical.)


The CPGC will hold info sessions and open houses in the first weeks of the academic year – keep an eye on the social media accounts linked above (and the newsletter) for details as they are announced.