Guest Post: Introducing Name Coach!

Next week, you’ll receive an email with information about recording your name pronunciation from a system called Name Coach. It’s not phishing, or a scam (but it’s good to be vigilant!); it’s just an external platform we use. Name Coach is a project from the Council on Diversity and Inclusion and the Provost’s Office, and it allows you to record the pronunciation of your name for others to hear, and then, to pronounce correctly.

Name Coach is integrated into Moodle, the course platform we use, and you will see links on the class pages that look like this:

The email you’ll receive next week will contain a link to record your name, but you can also record your name using the recording tool on the class page. Please note that only the first recording you make (whether in a class page or via email) will be the default recording. If you explore the Name Coach site, and on the “Name Badge” page in particular, you’ll see a number of features, including the ability to add your gender pronouns or insert the recording of your name into your email signature. As an example, take a look at my Name Badge. It’s also helpful if you create a password for convenient access to your NameCoach account in the future.

This is still a pilot program, and we’re hoping to add new integrations this year, so there may be a few bugs as we work things out. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin the third year of using this tool, and we hope you find it of use.

We welcome your feedback as well as your questions – please share them with me at Thank you very much.