Philly Part 2: Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

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As some of you may know, last Friday, your three favorite Summer Dean’s Office Interns took a trip into Philly! This was very much a burden to us… it was HARD WORK, done for YOUR BENEFIT… you’re welcome**. We moseyed around much of central Philly, working our way from the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the PMA) by the Schuylkill River to Penn’s Landing overlooking the Delaware River. Here’s what we did, saw and ate!

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**just kidding we had a great time 🙂 

Our day begins…

We left from the Haverford Paoli/Thorndale line SEPTA station in the morning and rode it to 30th Street Station. From there, we took a lovely walk along the Schuylkill River to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here are some photos from our stroll…

30th Street Station, in all its grandeur

A beautiful green pedestrian/bike path and Aarushi, who LOVES benches

Our stroll brought us to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where I (Isabel) ran up the famous ‘Rocky’ steps. With me a bit winded, we wandered around the back of the museum to check out the sculpture garden. Pro tip: on Campus Philly Day (a special city-wide event on an early September weekend), you can get a year-long student membership to the PMA for $20. This gives you access to a lot of programming and events, as well as several other museums in the area!

The facade of the PMA

Since we still hadn’t seen enough sculpture at this point, we decided to walk down the road a bit to check out the Rodin Museum. The Museum is pay-what-you-wish everyday, with a recommended student donation of $7 dollars. Note that both of these museums technically cost money, but the rest of the trip didn’t (ignoring all food/snacks)! You can have a full day (or several!) with just free sight-seeing! Along the way, we snapped some photos of the flags lining Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway or ‘The road with the flags’

The lovely Rodin Museum!

After that, we made our way via Uber to the historical geographical center of Philly: Old City Hall. Right around there are a couple of cool parks, like Dilworth Park and Love Park. Dilworth Park is right in the shadow of the Old City Hall, and it has a mini water park in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter. Love Park is right across the street from Dilworth and is home to the famous Philadelphia Love sculpture. We also stopped by the Social Security Administration building, which is where international students can drop off their paperwork to obtain a Social Security Number, which is necessary to obtain on-campus employment (Aarushi went through this process, and visited this building!). More info about this can be found here or by reaching out to the International Student Support Office (ISSO). 

VOLUME WARNING: There are children shrieking (in glee) in the video below.

Old City Hall (Dilworth Park is in its shadow)

We love Love Park

The left part of this image shows the US Social Security Building at 2 Penn Center. In the background is Old City Hall and Dilworth Park.

After that, we meandered down to Reading Terminal Market for some cool sights and smells! Reading Terminal Market is an expansive indoor marketplace in an old train terminal, and it boasts over fifty vendors, making it a classic Philly destination. You can check out the different merchants they have here!

Hungry after our brief peek into Reading Terminal Market, we then made our way on foot to Chinatown for lunch, bubble tea, and a walkabout!

At Rangoon restaurant in Chinatown. On the left: We had Mandalay Shrimp Rolls and Golden Triangles (with a potato filling). On the right: Chicken Fried Rice and garlicky Night Market Noodles with pork… YUM!

Chinatown Friendship Gate

From there, we walked to Franklin Square which is currently decorated for the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival. Check out some of the pics below of this beautiful installation of larger-than-life lanterns!

After that, we strolled down towards the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, which is also the site of the first President’s House, with an exhibit “commemorating the lives of nine enslaved Africans at the site of the nation’s first executive mansion”. Due to the sensitive nature of this exhibit, we haven’t included photos here (if you’d like to check it out you can do so here).

We haven’t included a photo of the Liberty Bell because all of ours were bad. Pro tip from Jeff TF: don’t wait in line to see the Liberty Bell. There’s glass paneling on the building, so you can just walk around the side and grab a peak from outside.

Independence Hall

Next stop: The Science History Institute, a cool (and FREE!) museum documenting historical advances in the sciences. One room even had a scavenger hunt!

Blien took a cool panorama that I (Isabel) accidentally walked through… oops

Blien and Aarushi did the scavenger hunt while I looked on approvingly. On the right, there are some cool old-timey microscopes!

Our final stop was Penn’s Landing, which overlooks the Delaware River and boasts attractions including a Ferris wheel, a roller skating rink, and DEEP FRIED OREOS!!!

Aaaannnd that’s a wrap! After our Oreo adventure, we headed (via uber) back to Jefferson Station and hopped on a train home. All in all, a great day in Philly… 10/10 would recommend. Ooops! I mean… a hard day’s work finally over!

If you want to plan your own Philly trip, here’s a helpful map of downtown that we found!



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10) Picture of a chicken (you decide the form)

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