Welcome and Next Steps

Dear member of the Class of 2022:

Haverford College welcomes you!

We are busily preparing for your arrival, and in the coming weeks, we will have a great deal of important information to share with you. This letter is the first of several communications you will receive from the College this summer.

During the first week of June, you will receive access to The First Year website (haverford.edu/first-year-students), which is a vital resource for members of the Class of 2022. The website will detail critical deadlines, and provide links to important forms and assignments you need to complete this summer. Links on the website will activate at different points throughout the summer, so you should make a habit of checking it regularly. Please review the Arriving on Campus section where you’ll find procedures for Move-In Day – Wednesday, August 29 for most students.

Students participating in various Pre-Customs programs and international students will have arrival dates prior to August 29. You will learn more about the available Pre-Customs programs on the First Year website.

In the coming months, you should expect to receive the following:

  • In early June, you will receive an email from ProDesk@haverford.edu prompting the activation of your new Haverford user account. The email will be sent to the email account currently on record with Haverford’s Office of Admission. You should ensure that the Office of Admission has an up-to-date email address for you. Once you have activated your Haverford user account, you will have access to your Haverford email address as well as password-protected forms and tasks due this summer, as outlined on the first year website. After the email from ProDesk goes out, the College will communicate with you exclusively through your new Haverford email address, so it is important that you activate the account as soon as you are prompted to do so. Contact ProDesk if any questions arise: ProDesk@haverford.edu or 610-896-1480.
  • In late July, Haverford’s Business Office will mail fall semester tuition bills. For more information on billing, visit the Student Account page at www.haverford.edu/business-office/student-accounts.

You can subscribe to The First Year blog (blogs.haverford.edu/firstyear/), where you are currently reading this message, for a student-driven perspective on making the transition to Haverford and life here.

Proactive navigation of the college experience is an important part of a successful transition to college. While your parents will be able to gain an overview of summer tasks through the website, and are welcome to subscribe to The First Year blog, we expect you to take the initiative in completing various tasks, and communicating with relevant resources and people at Haverford.

Our staff, which includes Residential Life and our Dean’s Office Summer Interns, will be available this summer should you have any questions. In addition, staff at Haverford’s Health Center will check emails and phone messages on a weekly basis throughout the summer. We look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall and to working with you over the summer and in the years to come.

As Dean for First Year Students, my role over the summer is to serve as point person for questions or concerns as you prepare to arrive at Haverford, and to begin to get to know you. During the course of the next year, I look forward to serving as a resource for you as you encounter the exciting opportunities, challenges, and the range of experiences that accompany the transition to college.

Again, welcome to our community!


Dean Katrina Glanzer

National College Decision Day: 5 Reasons to Choose Haverford

by Xiangruo Dai

Today is May the 1st, which means it’s National College Decision Day! Whether you have made a decision already or are still staring at piles of college letters on your desk, you should be proud of your accomplishments so far and realize your potential to achieve so much more. Whether you chose Haverford or elsewhere, on behalf of the entire First Year’s Dean’s Council, I want to laud you for your hard work that’s allowed you to come so far, and want to send you well wishes for your next four years of education, growth, and experiences.  

Once again, Congratulations!!

Since this is after all the Haverford Blog, let me put in a few final words for why you should chose Haverford (especially if you are on the edge)

The Honor Code (A Community of Trust, Concern, and Respect)

  • As you know, the Honor Code is a large part of our community, and allows for a unique experience such as self-scheduled and self-proctored exams. But did you know it impacts not just academics but also personal relationships as well?  Each year the Honor Code is revised and re-ratified by the student body. For more info: www.haverford.edu/academics/honor-code

On Campus-Resources

The Community

  • A friend once described Haverford students as smart, socially active, and cooperative. I think that’s a great way to describe our community as well. With just over 1300 students, everyone knows everyone and there is a sort of mutual assistance between all of us, where we all strive to do our best but there is never intense competition, and there are just positive vibes all over.

Our Partnerships (Quaker, Tri-College and Bi-College Consortiums)

  • You are able as a Haverford student to take classes at Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania, allowing you to experience the tight and personalized experience of a liberal arts college with the resources of a much larger university. More than just an academic partnership though, our schools share a close-knit bond for anything from dining to school events to living opportunities. For more info: www.haverford.edu/academics/academic-partnerships


  • Unsure of if you want a school in the city or our in the wilderness? Why choose when you can have the best of both? With Haverford’s unique location in suburban Philadelphia, the peaceful woods and the bustling city are both just a short train ride away. Furthermore, Philadelphia’s special position as a mid-way point between Washington DC and New York City allows for Haverford students to be closer to the action, be it political conferences, cultural events, social activism, or just a weekend getaway.

Haverford College Traditions

Student traditions on campus are a big part of every college! They give you a sense of belonging that is unique to your school. Although this list does not include all of Haverford’s exciting traditions, it has some of the most popular traditions on campus.

Pinwheel Day: This day marks the transition from winter to spring! It is the first warm, spring-like day of the season. There are pinwheels all over Founders Green, making it look colorful, chirpy, happy and spring like! It is a much-needed day after the harsh winters with snowstorms and blizzards. You will see a noticeable transition in clothing as it goes from thick winter coats to flowery spring skirts. This tradition has been around for a long time and it was beautiful this year!


Haverfest: This is a fest that celebrates the last day of classes and the end of the year at the end of the spring semester every year. It is a two-day fest with different events, art, music, games and a lot of food before the stressful period of finals. Every year the committee that organizes the fest also picks a theme and models the entire fest around it. Events during Haverfest include, Holi (the colorful festival) done by the South Asian Society, the late-night Red Queen’s Masquerade Ball; and all of the live music as well!


April Fool’s Day: Every April Fool’s day, the student scientists (and mathematicians and psychologists) decorate the KINSC (the science building on campus)! Every year there is a different theme.


Lloyd Lights: This tradition is over two decades old. All the residents of Lloyd decorate the doors and different parts of Lloyd compete to win the best decorated. It is a beautiful sight amidst the cold winter. Students’ Council chooses the winner after the entire campus votes for their favorite doorway.


Millenial’s Dance: This traditionally used to be the 80’s Dance. It was remodeled this year to be the Millennial’s Dance which would encompass music and fashion of the 80’s, 90’s and the early 2000’s! This is also early on in the year and one of the biggest dances on campus. You are likely to see a lot of dressed first years at this dance with their customs teams. Students dress up in fluorescent colors, high pony tails and have an amazing night!

I hope you found these traditions interesting and are excited about them! When you come to campus, you will discover which your favorite tradition is. And maybe it’s something that isn’t even on this list!

Stay chirpy,

Shreya Kishore


A day in the life of two first year students

Hi Friends!

We hope this little video snippet of our day gives you some insight as to what a typical day at Haverford is like.

We both have pretty busy schedules as we are athletes and are involved in many extra-curricular activities. A typical day would consist of anywhere between 1-3 classes with plenty of time for lunch/breakfast and breaks in between. After classes and all the academic activities, we look forward to meeting our teams in the afternoon for practice, an excellent way to de-stress and change the dynamic of our day. After practice, we usually head to dinner with our teams or other friends.

Please feel free to email us for any questions about being an athlete at Haverford or anything else!






A Day in the Life of One Haverford Student

by Xiangruo Dai

It’s only early April, but as we all know, the last months of our final year will pass in a moment, which can only mean that National College Decision Day (May 1st!) is just around the corner. Obviously, there are many key factors in your decision making when you choose a college or university that suits you for the next four years, but a key factor is the student experience. That’s why I’m here to offer you one insider perspective on the daily life of a Haverford students.

Date: 5 March 2018 (Monday)

Time: 08:00
Location: Barclay Dormitories
My alarm sounds, playing the opening lines. And like any good first-year, I snooze it the first two times. But when the melody sounds for the third time, I know it’s time to wake up for real. The morning sun slides into my window, giving me a spectacular view of Founder’s Green that almost makes starting the day so early worth it.

Time: 08:20
Location: Dining Center [DC]
Known affectionately as the DC, the Dining Center is the main and only cafeteria for students on campus. With a decent selection of menu items, for better or worse it’s someplace that student life centers around. There’s almost always someone raising support for a cause here, but this time of the day, it’s decently quiet as I enjoy a breakfast. I choose to use both the omelet bar and waffle bar to myself a sweet and savory first meal of the day.

Time: 08:35
Location: Stokes Basement Area
8:35, and it’s already time for the first class, Japanese First-Year Intensive with Professor Sato. The class is fast paced, workload heavy, and sometimes difficult, but also extremely fun. One of the things I love about Haverford is the sense of community just from classmates, and the bonding that occurs when you share a class. That support system has helped me so many times when I’ve needed help in a class, since people will assist you with no hesitation.

Time 09:45
Location: GIAC
Class ended one quarter of an hour ago, and with an hour to go until my next class, I take full advantage of the athletic facilities Haverford has to offer. The relatively new GIAC just turned 12, and with an array of squash, basketball, and badminton courts, as well as a gym facility, it’s easy to stay fit and prevent those freshman 15 from being a reality. Plus, there are dedicated strength and athletic coaches who can help you with a workout routine, as well as a dietician for any nutrition advice.

Time: 10:35
Location: Stokes Auditorium
Next class, Multivariable Calculus with Professor Stachura. This is by far my largest class in Haverford I’ve taken this semester, and it’s still just shy of 30 students. The auditorium almost seems empty, and that’s no mistake since over 70% of classes in Haverford are under 15 students, making this rarely used.

Time 11:45
Location: Bryn Mawr New Dorm Dining Center [BMC-NDDH]
Two things are of note here. One, the use of acronyms. They are Haveracronyms. You will get used to them should you decide to be a student here. And two, the fact that I’m eating at Bryn Mawr College. That might sound surprising to you, but in fact Bryn Mawr and Haverford share a close relationship, and students at one school can take classes, eat, join clubs, use the athletic facilities, and even live at the other. Furthermore, there is connecting shuttle bus service between Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore than runs rather frequently, which makes it convenient to transit between the three campuses. (In fact, I take a class at Bryn Mawr, like 90% of Haverford students, and frequently eat there, like 100%* of Haverford students)

*Statistics for the second claim may be exaggerated, but that’s just because Bryn Mawr food is so good.

Time 12:45
Location: Hall Hall
Hall Building, or affectionately known as the Hall Hall, is where I take my writing seminar, the first year writing seminar that all newcomers to Haverford are required to take. Developed with a focus on enhancing the writing process, it also has the ultimate goal of Senior Thesis in mind. I’m fortunate to have the really nice and awesome Professor Hall as my instructor for this course. Plus, with a class size of just thirteen (yes, thirteen!), class discussions are vigorous, engaging, and involves energetic debate from everyone in the course.

Time 15:00
Location: Nature Trail
Sometimes the complexities of life just overwhelm you, and for that you need to find peace and quiet. For those times, there’s the Nature Trail. A place of tranquility where the problems and the upcoming midterms melt away for some nice introspection- or at least a moment of it. And with the last bit of snow from the last storm, we have a little snowball battle.

Time: 17:00
Location: Sci Lib
The Sci Lib or Science Library, is a favorite of Haverford students trying to finish a last moment paper, project, or homework. Today, it’s time to start problem sets for two of my courses. With an open seating arrangement and also more private kiosks available, the Sci Lib is great study environment, especially given renovation of Magill Library, the main study center. I also find time to enjoy a dinner made at the school’s stir fry bar.

Time 21:45
Location: Sharpless Psychology Lounge
Some snacks make studying more fun.

Time 00:30
Location: Barclay Dormitories
Winding down, it’s time to sleep…and prepare for the next day.

The transition to college can be intimidating, but you’ll have support

by June Hoang, C’21

Hi lovelies, I want to CONGRATULATE you all again on becoming Haverford’s Class of 2022! (Welcome to the hub of the most creative, inspiring and dopest people). College is indeed a very unique experience that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. As you are preparing for your transition from high school to college, you might feel a bit excited, confused, and even scared of what is to come. Don’t worry, I was in your position last year (no way!) so I know exactly what you’re going through. It certainly took me a while to adapt to this new college life but I finally made it! In this blog post, I would love to share with you all my experience as a first-year on campus.

I got a chance to know the campus earlier than the rest of my peers since I lived here for five weeks over the summer as a Chesick Scholar. I also moved in one week early to participate in a week-long orientation known as Tri-College Identity, Equity and Social Justice Summer Institute ( woah, long name!) before officially entering Customs Week. Despite having a chance to explore Haverford early, I still faced utter anxiety when I first moved in back in August. I had only moved to the U.S. from Vietnam two years before I began college. Traveling across the country again away from my family was definitely a nerve-wrecking highlight of my life. When I received an email about housing, my brain was juggling a bunch of (super legit) questions: What if I can’t get along with the people on the hall? What if I don’t like the Dining Center food? Would I be able to cope with the amount of college work? With a stomach full of butterflies, I realized that my anxiety soon dissipated once I met my Customs team and my fellow hallmates.

Thankfully, my first-year hall is an amazing group of people who have made plenty of positive influences on my college experience. My Customs team offered valuable advice in terms of navigating the campus in both academic and social aspects. They introduced me to different resources at Haverford including the Office of Academic Resources (OAR), Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA), and Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC). I utilized these centers within the first semester to help plan what my future goals look like and do my class assignments. The OAR is especially essential for my transition to college-level coursework with their tutor program and multiple workshops in time management and semester blue-printing.

In addition to academic support, my first-year hall is my ride-or-die. I remembered setting lots of self-expectations at the beginning of the semester which compelled me to walk extra miles to achieve what I wanted, even if that meant risking my physical and mental health. I considered myself very independent so I never reached out for help (which is a terrible way to cope with stress, friends!). Luckily, my hallmates quickly recognized that I was having problems so they reached out to me. Constant check-ins from my first-year hall quickly pulled me back on track. I learned to enjoy my first-year experience and became more active on the hall. Rolling into the second-half of my second semester, we have spent a lot of time doing homework, eating, and exploring Haverford together. We even created our hall game (“Drying Rack Battle Ship”) and had plenty of fun at school dances.

In retrospect, I couldn’t have gone through my first year at Haverford without my lovely hall. Intimidating but mind-opening, your first semester of college will mark an important time in your life. Please rest assured that everyone here had been and will be going through the same experience so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Haverford is known for its diversity with different clubs and affinity groups that (hopefully) you will quickly find your space on campus. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your senior year. Feel free to reach out to me at nkhoang@haverford.edu if you have any burning questions about Haverford. If not, it’s not too soon to start roaming on Haverford’s facebook page to see what interests you! See you all soon, Class of 2022!


Here is a picture of my first-year hall! Aren’t we so cute???


Hi new ‘Fords!

As you all start to learn more about the offices and programs at Haverford, the other members of the First Year Dean’s Council and I figured you might want a quick way to learn about the (MANY) acronyms you’ll encounter here. There are also haver-puns which are super fun! Here goes! (Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, you’ll learn it soon once you’re on campus). – Shreya Kishore


ADS: Access and Disability Services

Your go-to for accommodations/resources related to disability. Have a medical requirement to live in a carpet-free dorm? Need particular arrangements in a class? These scenarios, and many others, are taken care of by ADS.

CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services

Haverford offers FREE counseling and psychological services to all students. You can schedule appointments online for in-person appointments with one of several counselors. This service is well-used; over their four years, 50% of Haverford students have at least one CAPS appointment.

CCPA: Center for Career and Professional Advising

If you want jobs/internships/interview practice/résumé advice/job-shadow experience/networking help, go here! CCPA is probably my favorite acronym right now because they funded a networking event in New York City that I went to last week.

CPGC: Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

One of Haverford’s 3 interdisciplinary centers, the CPGC sponsors internships, brings speakers to campus, funds research, and operates a lovely, organic/fair-trade café.

DC: Dining Center

This one ya gotta know. All first years are required to be on the full meal plan, so you’ll be spending a lot of time at the DC next year.

FYDC: First Year Dean’s Council

Another important one, because the FYDC writes this blog! We are current first year students here to welcome all of you and answer any questions you have

GIAC: Gardner Integrated Athletic Center

The gym! The GIAC (we do pronounce it as jee-ack) contains a gym with cardio/weights equipment, a basketball court, a dance/yoga/step aerobics studio and a meeting room. Varsity athletes will spend a lot of time here for practices. But if you’re not on a varsity team, you can work out and take your PE classes here, too.

HCA: Haverford College Apartments

A shorthand for one type of residence hall on campus. Some of you will live in the HCAs next year!

HCAH: Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities

Another interdisciplinary center that sponsors speakers, events, and internships. The VCAM (Visual Culture, Arts, and Media) just opened in fall 2017 and houses the HCAH offices.

KINSC: Koshland Integrated Natural Science Center

(Most people say out the letters K-I-N-S-C, I pronounce it as a word)

This last center is both a building and a center. You’ll take science/math classes in the KINSC building. The KINSC also funds summer internships, speakers, and events.

MCC: Multicultural Center

The MCC is a room in Stokes Hall that serves as a community space for multiculturalism-related groups/events. Groups can reserve it. It has really comfy couches.

OAR: Office of Academic Resources

The OAR ( called letter-by-letter O-A-R, not pronounced ‘oar’ like on a rowboat) is perhaps the office with the most diverse offerings. From quiet study rooms to individual consultations on beating procrastination to study breaks involving yummy food, the OAR provides any and all support, equipment, and space you may need to help you to do well in school.

OMA: Office of Multicultural Affairs

The OMA supports events and programs that promote multiculturalism on campus. These include the Identity, Equity, and Social Justice institute and many others. The OMA has also sponsored a kitchen/stocked pantry for when the DC is closed over fall and spring breaks.

SEO: Student Engagement Office

The SEO helps manage clubs and funding for student activities. If you want to get free SEPTA (subway) tickets, you can reserve some in advance through the SEO’s website.


Haverhome: Haverford is basically your home.

Havercrush: Crushing on someone at Haverford? This is you word.

Havercat: The legendary cat that lives amongst us. (you also encounter it in the middle of a class)

Haverdad: A typical and generic haverman. (yeah, I know what I just did there).

Havermarried: Two Haverford students who are married.

Haverfriend: A friend from Haverford.

Havertime: Five minutes past the actual time.

Haverbubble: The bubble that students are in when they are at Haverford.

First-Year Housing Guide

Greetings, Class of 2022!

This week’s post by Noorie Chowdhury is going to introduce you to first-year housing at Haverford. You will be assigned housing during the summer, based on your answers to a detailed questionnaire that will take into consideration various factors – your sleep habits, substance usage, cleanliness, and hobbies, to name a few! 60% of first-year housing on Haverford consists of single-rooms (typically clustered in suites), and the rest are doubles.

After receiving responses to the questionnaire, the First-Year Dean’s summer interns, along with the Office of Residential Life, will work really hard at placing all of the first years in suitable housing and halls. Each first-year hall consists of 12-16 residents. These include fellow first-years as well as 4 upperclassmen, who make up part of your Customs team and each hold a different position. Briefly, they are: 2 Customs People (CPs), an Upper Classman Advisor (UCA) along with their pull-in (a friend they choose to bring to the hall).

Now, for a fun fact – one of the most exciting and memorable events during Customs week as you begin your first-year at Haverford is Dorm Olympics – where first-years team up dorm-wise and get all wild and festive – they dress up in blue/red/green, echo chants, there’s talent shows, a whole fair of games/activities that you can compete against the rest of the teams at, and a whole lot of spirit! This is a special time when you becoming oriented to and bond with fellow first-years from your dorm.

Let’s get to the specifics! There are four first year dorms at Haverford: Barclay, Gummere (pronounced Gum-ree), Tritton, and the Haverford College Apartments (HCA):

Barclay has a few different types of setups. The most common is a suite, where you and your suite mate each have your own room that opens up into a shared common room. There are a few single rooms without a common room and a couple of doubles as well. Barclay is located close to the center of campus, that is quite close to most academic/otherwise buildings that you will frequently be using.

As for Gummere, majority of the rooms in its halls are clusters of four single-room suites, along with 1-2 common rooms on the hall. Like Barclay, Gummere is situated at a convenient location on campus, close to most frequently visited spots on campus.

Tritton, is our newest dorm is located slightly north of campus (and has air conditioning – that can be helpful for those who need special accommodations). Every room in Tritton is a single, each hall has a shared common room, and each floor has a study lounge.

And finally, we have the Haverford College Apartments! Every apartment building has two floors with four apartments on each floor. The bottom floor of the apartment has an open floor plan, meaning that the four smaller apartments share a large common room and kitchen. On the upper level, there are four individual apartments with each one having its own kitchen and common space. The apartments are a 10-15 minute walk from the center of campus.

Customs Explained

Hey Class of 2022! I’m Laurel Benjamin and I’m thrilled to be one of the first to congratulate you on your acceptance to Haverford. One of my favorite things about Haverford (and something that makes our community so unique) is Customs, which is our year-long orientation program. Customs will likely be one of your first experiences as a first-year, so here’s a bit more about what you can expect.

Over the summer, each member of the Class of 2022 will be assigned to live in one of the four first-year residence halls. You’ll fill out a housing questionnaire to help the Office of Residential Life house you in a place that works well for you.You can also request housing accommodations through Access and Disability Services, which is really easy to do! But, unlike at some other schools, you do not choose a roommate.   In fact, many of you will live in single rooms or suites, without a roommate! When you get your housing assignment over the summer, you’ll find that 10-18 other first-years share your apartment/hall/floor, depending on which building you’re living in. These students aren’t just your neighbors—they’re your customs group!

In addition to your fellow first-years, your customs group will include 6 (non-first-year) customs team members assigned to you, plus a non-first-year pull-in. You’ll hear a LOT of acronyms when you arrive here, which can be quite confusing, but here’s a little Customs acronyms cheat sheet to help you out:

Customs Person (CP)

Each hall has two CP’s (typically sophomores or juniors). CP’s live on the hall with you and are around to help you with anything they can as you adjust to Haverford. CP’s are there to help you navigate the adventures (and chaos) of your first year; they’re basically your built-in friends! The CP’s are there for you day and night (since they live with you), so you might find that you see them the most!

(PS I’m so excited to be a CP for some of you next year! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this position )

Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF)

Your hall will have one PAF (also a sophomore or junior). Your PAF does not live on your hall, but you’ll see them a lot during customs week and throughout the school year. The PAF is here to help first-years live well together. They’ll host a handful of sessions during the year to help facilitate discussions among your customs group about topics like gender/sexuality, social class, and diversity at Haverford. Though discussions like these can become very serious, the point of PAF sessions is to give first-years a place to learn from each other and to feel comfortable with their halls. Some of my favorite (most thought-provoking) PAF sessions have been one about mental health and another on microaggressions on campus.

Honor Code Orienteer (HCO)

Like the PAF, your HCO (sophomore or junior) will not live on your hall but will host discussions with your customs group. The HCO’s job is to help first-years understand the social and academic standards that the Honor Code details as well as the process by which the Honor Code changes. Some things HCOs might talk about are recent trials that went to the Honor Council, resolutions to change the Honor Code at Plenary, and some more specific violations of the Code that first-years might not have considered. For example, one of the most effective HCO sessions for me was a talk on cultural appropriation around the time of Halloween. It can seem scary at times to be held to such a precise set of rules, but your HCOs are here to help you see that the overall goal of the Honor Code is to ensure that Haverford students act with trust, concern, and respect.

Ambassador of Multicultural Affairs (AMA)

Each customs group is also assigned one AMA who does not live with the group. The AMA’s job is to let you know about events on and off campus that celebrate the many cultures that make up Haverford and Philadelphia as well as host discussions about the many cultures at Haverford. People come to Haverford from very different places, so the AMA’s job is to make sure first-years are respectful and welcoming to each other.

Upperclassman Advisor (UCA) + Pull-In

And, finally, each hall has a UCA, a junior or senior who lives on the hall. The UCA is trained by the deans and other academic support centers at Haverford to help you pick classes and learn how to do well in them. It’s great! My hall’s UCA has given me so much advice on cool courses to take at Haverford, as well as some pro tips on how to manage the workload, especially around finals.

In addition, UCAs are able to “pull in” one of their friends to live on the hall. Though the pull-in does not participate in customs week, they’re another non-first-year who lives with you and can help you settle into academic and social life at college. My pull-in (a senior) was like a built-in friend to our first-year hall and gave us a TON of advice, jokes, and insight into life on campus. Pull-ins are also great because they give you the opportunity to get to know people outside of your class year!

With your customs group, you’ll spend a week before class learning your way around Haverford as well as a whole year getting to know each other. This week is called customs week, and it is one of my favorite Haverford traditions. Customs week allowed me to feel close to my hall and the campus before even starting classes! Without spoiling to much, customs week is filled with food, dorm olympics(!), and an all-campus scavenger hunt, just to name a few. You have so much to look forward to. 🙂

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! We love hearing from you!!

– Laurel

PS: Much of this will be re-explained during customs week, so if you’re still confused, don’t worry! It took me nearly a month to get all of the acronyms straight!! 😉

Welcome from the First Year Dean’s Council

Welcome to the Haverfamily, Class of 2022!

As Chair of the First-Year Dean’s Council, I’d like to introduce you to its members, who are a diverse group of 8 current first-years. Our role is to be a support system and sounding board for your questions and/or concerns (having recently gone through very similar experiences to what you’re about to in just a few months), and to help give you an idea of what life at Haverford is like! Each of us is quite differently engaged in terms of activities and academics on campus, so feel free to reach out to whoever sparks your curiosity. Talking to current students, as I found when I was in your place last year, is the best way to get honest perspectives on aspects of life at Haverford and to prepare yourself for it. Whether you’re wondering about the distribution requirements, clubs on campus, social life here, the Honor Code, or your college shopping list – it doesn’t matter – talk to us about it! – Noorie

Class of 2021 First Year Dean's Council

Class of 2021 First Year Dean’s Council

Noorie ChowdhuryNoorie Chowdhury, Chair: Welcome to Haverford, Class of ’22! I’m Noorie Chowdhury ’21 from Mumbai, India, and am the current First-Year Representative of Student’s Council. Other activities I’m involved in on-campus include being student co-head of Haverford’s Innovation Platform, a high-school writing tutor for the MAST (Mentorship & Student Teaching) Program and a student-assistant at the Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities. I’m not quite certain about what I want to major in yet, but am currently exploring the idea of designing an independent major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I like to attend as many events on and off-campus as I can find the time for, and always find great thrill in exploring new places and ideas! I’m eagerly looking forward to welcoming you all to the special place that is Haverford, and would be more than happy to chat or answer any questions you might have! Write to me at nchowdhury@haverford.edu or shoot me a message on Facebook.

Leily BehbehaniLeily Behbehani: Hi everyone! My name is Leily Behbehani and I’m an international student from London, UK. I’m a mid-distance runner on Haverford’s track and field team and really love running on the nature trail. I am super excited to be a Customs Person on one of your first-year halls next semester; I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Laurel BenjaminLaurel Benjamin: Welcome, class of 2022! I’m Laurel Benjamin ‘21, from Claremont, California, and I am stoked to be a part of the First-Year Dean’s Council. As a rising sophomore, I am hoping to major in Psychology with minors in Statistics and Spanish (I hope to do a semester in Barcelona!). When I’m not hanging out with my first-year hall, I enjoy doing PE Pilates and interning for Spectrum (a club that teaches social skills to children/young adults with autism). I also can’t wait to be a CP for a few of you next year!!

Xiangruo DaiXiangruo Dai: Hello! I’m Xiangruo Dai, a first year who is a prospective major in Mathematical Economics and minoring in Psychology and Japanese. Although I lived most of my early years in beautiful Beijing, China, my current home in the United States is sunny Florida. On any given day, you can see me on campus playing club badminton and studying in Sci-Lib, out in Ardmore and Bryn Mawr enjoying Maido and New Dorm Dining Hall, or in the city as a program facilitator for the Franklin Institute. I hope to get the opportunity to meet all of you personally, whether you are a current first year or a possible member of class of 2022.

June HoangJune Hoang: Hello Class of 2022, my name is June and I’m a member of the First Year Dean’s Council. Born and raised in Vietnam, I moved to San Francisco two years ago and luckily got chosen as a Questbridge Scholar, a program through which I first learned about Haverford College. I knew I want to be a doctor when I was five years old so my intended major is Chemistry with a minor/ double major in Psychology. In addition to being a Questbridge Scholar, I’m also a Chesick Scholar on campus with fifteen other students whom I had an opportunity to befriend and work with over the summer. I have a keen interest in music which motivates me to participate in the Outskirts A capella group and Chamber music. I’m also involved in an affinity club for Asian student at Haverford called Pan-Asian Resource Center. Beside studying, I’m currently working as research assistant at the library, student assistant at the President’s office, and a science tutor at MAST (Mentoring and Student Teaching). In addition to all my social engagement this year, I will become a CP on a first year hall next year. All in all, I’m very excited to work with you all in the future.

Shreya KishoreShreya Kishore: Hey everyone! I’m Shreya Kishore and I’m from Bangalore, India. I am a potential Chemistry/Biology major with a Biochemistry concentration and a computer science minor. Apart from the First Year Dean’s Council, I am part of a South Asian fusion dance team called Mayuri (it’s open to all and a lot of fun!), the co-head of the South Asian Society (SAS), member of women in STEM (WIS) and work in a Biology research lab. I spend my free time talking to my friends, watching movies or reading about cool scientific discoveries. I love talking to new people and answering questions of all sorts (literally), so if you want to know anything about Haverford or me, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at skishore@haverford.edu!

Eyasu ShumieEyasu Shumie: Hello! My name is Eyasu and I am a first year who is deciding between majoring in Political Science or English. I am a Customs Person so I may get to know some of you very well next year! Besides that, I’m a HAVOC trip leader which means I get to go on fun backpacking trips, and I am on FUCS which means I help book cool bands to come play at Haverford. I’m from Las Vegas (not New Mexico), and I’m a Chesick Scholar. I am super excited to get to meet a lot of you as you transition from high school into college, and hope I can help make that transition as fun as it can be!

Emma SouterEmma Souter: Hello first years! My name is Emma Souter. I’m from Carlsbad, California which is about 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego and about 5 minutes from the beach. I have lived in SoCal for almost my entire life but decided to come out east for school and fell in love with Haverford. On campus, I am on the Varsity softball team and  am undecided on what I’m studying but interested in studying Poli-Sci or Philosophy as my major and an Econ minor.