The Real Last Day

Hi all!
We have successfully made it back to the beautiful campus of Haverford College after a long day of travel! There’s not a whole lot to report today, but (as always) traveling from Dublin back to the US of A was an exciting journey. Also, a special shoutout and happy birthday to my Grammy- love you lots!
Okay, so before we all piled on the bus towards the Dublin airport this am, some squirrelz ran, some ate, some packed, and some (including myself) ran around Dublin doing some last minute souvenir shopping. We all met up and got on a HUGE bus (as compared with our other busses in Ireland thus far, in reality it wasn’t so large) with all of our luggage, sticks, and equipment to drive to the airport. Some highlights of the airport- the TSA lady checking my goalie bag caught a whiff and was horrified, some squirrelz got lost in the airport, some squirrelz got patted down, some squirrelz got croissants, and most importantly ALL the squirrelz (players, coaches, trainers, and family members) successfully made it onto the plane (and went through pre-customs) prior to departure #gofords! Also the lady who initially checked my bag later was the person who scanned my ticket as we boarded the plane and she remembered I was the “smelly girl” so that was cool.
Thankfully we boarded the plane on time and there were no apparent issues (unlike our first flight). We were all set and ready for movie marathons on the plane TVs, but three rows of (mostly) squirrelz sadly weren’t able to partake as their TVs were non-functional . No worries though, we were super resourceful and read/ did crossword puzzles/ played other games/ chatted/ slept/ ate (of course…)/ kept checking to see if the TVs started working to pass the time. Eventually we landed in Newark and luckily we had already been through customs so all the bags were retrieved quickly and successfully.
After the shock of 95+ degree weather and a joyous bus ride home filled with snacks, sleeping, chatting and reading we are back and as ready as we can be for preseason! Thank you all so much for your support and for reading our blog posts and we can’t wait to show off all our new international skills this season! Also check us out on FB and Twitter (@HCFords_FH) to stay up to date on our season!
PS Apologies on the belated posting of this final blog, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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