Grand Tour

Greetings from day 3 of our Ireland adventure!

A couple special shout outs. First off, a very happy birthday to Abby who turned the big 2-0 today! Second, we would like to give a shoutout to Natalie’s grandparents who are big fans of this blog.

Today was a day full of good-old fashioned Irish “crack.” Led by our bus driver/tour guide Phil, we embarked on a 12 hour cross country journey to the Cliffs of Moher. Phil taught us many things, including using “crack” as Irish slang for fun and that some Irish roads are very narrow. At one point we were so close to another tour bus that the other group started waving and taking pictures of us through the bus windows.

On the way to the Cliffs we stopped at a castle on a hill overlooking the water (according to Phil, a popular destination for small group medieval banquets), a gorgeous old stone Abbey, a wishing well and a set of “mini cliffs.” We also drove through the Burren, a rocky and mountainous stretch of land, and then all the way down the western coast. As Phil continued to remind us, “the west is best” when it comes to Ireland.

4 hours later we finally made it to the Cliffs. We all stopped for a quick lunch in the Visitors Center, built right into the cliff side, and then went on to explore. The weather was beautiful again and the views of the cliffs hanging over the Atlantic were absolutely breathtaking. We all spent over an hour climbing around to see all the sights (and get the best pictures).

After our major stop at the Cliffs we started to head back for Dublin. On the way we stopped at another castle where we saw a wedding party having dinner outside a pub and we also stopped at the Barack Obama plaza/rest stop for a quick break.

Though it was a long bus ride, it was amazing to see so much of Ireland and so many sites older than our entire country. Tomorrow we have another busy day ahead of us featuring a hurling clinic and our second game!


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