The First 30 Hours.

Greetings from Dublin!

0 Hours: We began our journey on the bus ride from Haverford to Newark in good spirits and lots of catching up. The gang was back together again. We were all decked out in our new HCFH gear, green Dublin shirts included as well as banana bread from our own Nikki Witte and green squirrel sugar cookies. Long lines through airport security started our long journey but we all made it to the gate ready to go.

Hour 5: We’re on the plane. Things are going smoothly, we all made it through security, no random screenings. We did it, team. The people ate beforehand, everyone is feeling ready to go, except for the pilot. He informs us that the plane is not in fact ready to go either because it has a “mechanical problem”.

Hour 7: We’ve changed planes. They forced us to leave our first plane, walk across the terminal, wait for another hour, and get on the new plane. This one seems to be working. We take off an hour and a half late. Spirits are still high (enough).

Hour 9: Airplane food, amirite? Not delectable. Good thing everyone ate before. Did this stop some people from eating? No. #HCFH #GOHARDORGOHOME

Hour 10: Some people watch movies, some played games, some had lively conversation, and some tried to sleep. Eventually we all try to sleep. Not everyone sleeps. However, they bring us coffee in the AM (AM as in 2:00AM our time). Times are tough. Literally, our brains don’t know what time it is.

Hour 15: We ARRIVE. Houston has landed. Spirits have returned. We all make it through customs in Dublin (another long line. awesome). Again, we did it team, part 2. Steph can’t find her stick, but we all get our luggage. After switching planes, this feels like a big win.

Hour 17: We are at the hotel, shove our bags into one room, and we’re off. First we roamed, then we returned, then we embarked on a two hour walking tour of Dublin with our tour guide, Ronan (the red-headed irishman with a handlebar mustache from Trinity, good guy.) Some highlights: Trinity College (learned about history of ireland), Old Parliament Building (by abercrombie and fitch), Dublin Castle (plot twist, it’s not really a castle, it’s a large red brick rectangle) (to be fair there was still a cool tower part left that used to clean clothes with pee), crossed some Bridges, and then went to the Spire. It is supposed to be their Eiffel Tower, but alas the irishmen and women do not ¬†love their spire. Instead they have some choices nicknames (think vulgarity).

Hour 20: We disperse for lunch, it is a happy time as we love food. By this point we are exhausted and need sustenance, a nap, coffee, anything really.

Hour 23: FIELD HOCKEY TIME. We met a cool lady, and played on a nice turf. She was from the Irish International Club¬†Team and we liked her a lot. We learned some tricks, played some FH, shot some balls. Fun was had by all. Then SURPRISE, sprints with Cory (after he already ran 100’s and 200 yard shuttles during our practice #withapurpose). The team did well, spirits remained high after this adrenaline rush. We are almost there.

Hour 27: We’re so close, it’s time for dinner. We FINALLY showered. This was important. We all smelled and it was sad. But then, rejoice, dinner time. Time to eat WHATEVER we want- and we did.

Hour 30: It’s time for bed. But first, we blog. Now, we sleep. Goodnight squirrels, til tomorrow.

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