Home at Haverford

We arrived back safely yesterday afternoon after a long flight from Argentina to Atlanta and Atlanta to Newark. Luckily our bus did not break down on the way back!

On our last day in Argentina we had our last practice with Pablo! We worked on defense for an hour and a half. We then thanked Pablo and presented him with a gift. He told us that he believes we will be very successful this year because we work so hard together. We rode the bus back to the hotel for some last minute packing and showering.

We then rode our bus to a buffet restaurant where everyone loaded up on food before the long trip ahead. We stopped at one of the largest malls outside Buenos Aires on the way to the airport and did some shopping for ourselves and family members before heading to the airport for our flight. Many of the girls bought clothes from stores only found in Argentina thus, creating a one of a kind style for our team!

On our final leg of the trip to the airport we passed a truck full of cows at a toll booth. Everyone laughed hysterically because Coach Jenn Rauscher claimed throughout the trip that statistically we see one everyday of our lives. We actually managed to see at least two a day the entire trip so you can imagine the laughter when we saw a truck full of cows.

We finally got on our flight to Atlanta at around 8:30 pm that night and headed home! We hugged and kissed Silvina and Carolina goodbye and thanked them for everything! They were such wonderful guides!

We had a team run this morning and a lift with Strength and Conditioning Coach Cory Walts. We anticipate the our first practice on our new turf will be this evening!

Our first season game is this Saturday versus Stevens Tech. We are playing in a tournament at Stevens. On Sunday we will also play Arcadia before heading home to begin the school year at Haverford. Everyone is very confident that what we learned in Argentina will translate to a successful season. However, as Coach Quinn always reminds us, “Success does not come to you, you GO TO IT!” and we most certainly will!

Thanks for following our blog this last week! Come out and support our team this season at our new turf at Swan Field!

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