1-2-3 Tango!

Yesterday we woke up early to our usual breakfast of tea, coffee, fresh orange and grapefruit juices, muffins and croissants. We took a bus ride that was longer than usual out to St. Catherine´s Moorlands School. This is the school and hockey team where Silvina Corvalan, one of our many Argentine hockey experts, coaches. In the morning we worked with Pablo on receptions and passing. After our session we ate lunch at the school. We stayed at the school and had another half session with Pablo and Coach Quinn. We practiced until about a half an hour before our game.

We played the girls of the St. Catherine´s Moorlands School team ( you can visit their website from the link on this blog). They were good competition but, we played hard and proved that we had learned so much in Argentina. After our game we headed back to the hotel and showered. We had some more spare time before dinner. A majority of the team ventured back to the artisans´ market next to the Hard Rock Cafe where we had been the day before. We ate dinner at Locos Para Futbol. It´s a restaurant on the corner across from our hotel. The atmosphere was fun. We watched several different soccer games on the big screens at the restaurant. Some of the girls purchased commemorative Argentine olympic soccer jersies. While we were at the restaurant Roxy Jaffe and Josie Ferri befriended some of the waiters who were serving us. They were really friendly and even offered to show us around the city. But, with a big day ahead of us we all headed back to our room to get some rest.

This morning we ate breakfast and boarded the bus for our clinic with Pablo at CCBA.  We had an excellent session. Everyone was working hard and applying the new techniques we had learned over the week. Everything seems to be coming together.

After practice we boarded the bus for our community service activity at the Maria Nuestra School. The school was not too far from St. Catherine´s. We really enjoyed our time at the school. We met and spoke English with a wide age group of students. Most of them were 15 or 16 years of age but, we also spoke with younger girls and boys who were 12 and 13. They were all so friendly and welcoming. We talked about our favorite music, movies, where we are from, what we like to do in our spare time and our favorite subjects in school.

Afterwards we ate lunch in the school cafeteria. We headed out to the field to run a field hockey clinic with the school´s team. The girls were skilled but in desperate need of equipment and good coaching. We played warm-up games with them and then played seven vs. seven. We had so much fun this afternoon. The girls on the team were so sweet.

After the clinic at Maria Nuestra we headed back home to get ready for an evening of tango lessons and a perfomance. We had some spare time for some last minute shopping before we left for tango. We had an hour long tango lesson. It was so much fun! Everyone paired up and learned the steps. Our tango teachers were very serious but, we definitely have the steps down. We are just about ready for a debut performance upon our return to Haverford! Afterwards we entered a ballroom and sat down for a really tasty meal and a tango peformance. The dancers were amazing. Their costumes were so elaborate and beautiful. There were also several musical interludes by an even greasier version of Ray Liotta and his female counterpart. By the end of the night we were exhausted. We headed back to the hotel and hit the sack.

Our last day in Argentina is tomorrow! What a wonderful way to spend a majority of preseason. We´ve really got to know each other. It´s been an amazing experience. We have learned so much in such a short period of time. Everyone is trying to cram all the hockey tips into their brain in order to make this experience even more valuable upon our return.

We have our last practice tomorrow and then we head to the airport and back to Haverford! Upon our arrival we will be greeted by our gorgeous new turf field. We are incredibly excited to play on Swan Field this fall! This season is sure to be unforgettable!

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