Another Stamp to the Passport

This morning we woke up earlier than usual to catch the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. We met at 7:45am in the lobby after a quick breakfast of croissants from a local bakery. We boarded the bus to take us to the port. After a receiving our tickets, we got in line for customs and immigration. Everyone found it funny that we got a stamp for leaving the country and entering Uruguay even though it was only a few hours by ferry and for a day.

We were also shocked to learn upon boarding the ferry that the ride would be three hours long. This was because on the way there we opted for a slower ferry and first class accomodations. We rode in style on the high sea! Everyone was commenting on how nice it would be if we could travel like this on our flights to and from Buenos Aires. We found ways to pass the time on the ride. Some of the girls cought up on sleep or read while the rest of us played our new favorite game Contact!

We arrived in Colonia around noon and promptly boarded a bus with our local guide. We ate lunch with other large groups touring Colonia for the day at a local cafeteria. We ate a variety of salads and appetizers and had the omnipresent meal of steak or chicken for the main course.

Afterwards we toured Colonia by bus. We saw the ruins of buildings constructed by Portuguese and Spanish occuppiers of Colonia. We also passed a very old bull ring. However, our tour guide told us that Uruguay has since banned bull fighting because of animal rights concerns.

We got off the bus to do a quick walking tour and visited the oldest church in Uruguay. We walked along the cobblestone streets and beautifully colored stucco buildings. We had some free time to shop. There were plenty of stores owned by local artisans. Girls purchased a wide variety of decorative items and clothing and maybe even some gifts for family members!

We boarded the bus and headed back to the port to catch the ferry back to Buenos Aires. This time we were assured that the ride would be much quicker. We arrived in B.A. only an hour later.

I´m writing this post with the free time we have between now and dinner. Some of the girls went in groups to explore the local artisan market. Dinner is at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight so we will be sure to get a taste of home! Tomorrow we are playing hockey all day and we are all looking forward to it. I´m pretty sure that everyone is addicted to this team by now! We can´t get enough of playing with each other!

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