Go To It!

We began preseason just yesterday and already we are off to a great start. Yesterday morning (at 6 am!!!) we ran our timed miles and tested our pro-agility and 20 yard dash. We also tested our one rep max for the bench and squat in the weight room with our strength and conditioning coach, Cory Walts. Everyone did very well and I think we all have high hopes for the season.

After breakfast, we practiced for two hours at the Haverford School. We worked on skills such as passing, dribbling, and “shaving,” a technique that eliminates the defense. It was a good first practice but, I think everyone was a little nervous.

In the afternoon we sat with Athletic Director Wendy Smith and reviewed NCAA and athletic department policies. About an hour later we met at Featherbed Field to work with a team building instructor. We began with an odd but really fun warm up that represented the “tilt-a-world” ride at an amusement park (see linked pictures soon to come!). We enjoyed a lot of different games such as “linked tag” and a problem solving game involving stuffed animals and hoola hoops. We ended the afternoon with the freshmen leading a majority of the upperclassmen on a blindfolded adventure down a mound of dirt and across a field. The blindfolded upperclassmen we instructed by the freshmen as we manuvered a ball off of one tee ball stand to another using twelve strings. We culminated the evening with pizza and a discussion on what we had learned.

This morning we met for practice at 6:30 am. We worked on passing, one-on-ones and two v. ones to goal. But, most importantly we ran through our field positioning. It worked well and I think more of the kinks will be worked out when we match up against competition in Argentina! Everyone was really energetic and excited because our trip was just around the corner!

We ended practice and headed to breakfast. Everyone returned to their dorms to shower and do some last minute packing. Hopefully no one has forgotten anything! Sarah Graves said, “If I forget anything at least I have my passport!!!”

I’m writing this entry with only 15 minutes until we depart for Newark Airport! Check for a new entry upon our arrival in Argentina!!

-Ariel Herm ’10

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