Look at these Posters!

This entry was posted on Apr 11 2010 by Kyle McCloskey '11

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the Humanities Center has finished the posters for the film and hung them up basically everywhere on campus. I’m pretty sure you can’t stand anywhere on campus and not see them. So, well done HHC! You run one heck of a good ad campaign. And special thanks to Duncan Cooper and Nate Adams for somehow taking my incoherent notes and suggestions and turning them into a masterpiece. It looks really amazing.

For those of you who haven’t seen the poster, here it is:

I would try to make it bigger, but apparently the blog can’t handle that. I might tinker with it and upload it again. But I think you get the idea!

Also, look out for the trailer for the movie. It should be finished and uploaded by tomorrow. It’s gonna be great!

Less than one week!

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  1. Totally professional poster—can’t wait to see the trailer—downloading from Spain!! Keep up the good work and let us all know where we can get the DVD

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