The First Day!

This entry was posted on Feb 16 2010 by Kyle McCloskey '11

And so it begins.

This past Saturday saw the first day of actual filming for the film. We gathered in the kitchen area of Yarnall and got ready for the shoot: costumes donned, makeup painted an inch thick, set dressings placed, camera ready to roll.

Because this was our first day, we didn’t want to run a particularly complex scene (that finale is going to take quite a bit of time), so we shot a scene from early in the script. The Student (Peter) meets with Madame Blandot (Laura), his new landlady and moves into his podunk, fresh-out-of-college apartment, complete with broken floorboards, non-functioning lights, view of a lovely brick wall, and ghoulish upstairs neighbor. I’m suddenly concerned this might be a case of art imitating (my future) life.

Again, I can’t compliment Sophie’s makeup designs enough. Laura’s aged landlady looked wonderfully decrepit, while Peter’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Student had just the right amount of color to reinforce his naivete. And they look wonderful in black-and-white. Here are some sample photos as makeup is being applied:

Ready for my close-up, Mr. McCloskey

Havin' so much fun!

As both Laura and Peter noted, acting for film is considerably different than for a play. By the end of the day, we had run the scene into the ground, repeatedly; I was concerned that if anyone heard the phrase “So many books!” one more time, we would be driven insane (a case of life imitating art?). But of course, now that we’ve finished that scene, we never have to revisit it again! Huzzah!

Now, for the next entry, I’ll be giving you a little insight into the history and bizarre machinations of H.P. Lovecraft, the author of the short story on which the film is based. Prepare yourself for a glimpse into the darkness of the unknown!

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