Spotlight on Graphic Content!

Cover of Graphic Content! #1.

It’s a busy Thursday night at The Coop, and in the center of the chaos sits a small group of Graphic Content! members, including co-heads Katya Konradova ’19 and Andrew Nguyen ’19. Graphic Content! is a student club founded last year with the intent to produce and publish a collection of short graphic stories and comics at the end of each semester as well as to provide a resource for students interested in comics in any capacity.

Graphic Content! originally began as a product of Nguyen’s long-term passion for comics and a lunch with Mackenzie Cadenhead ’86, an alumna who works in the comic/graphic novel industry and is now the club’s alumna advisor. As soon as he started talking to friends about his fledgling idea for Graphic Content!, it was clear that his passion was shared with a number of other students. “I didn’t anticipate how easy it was to get started,” Nguyen says; right away he had a committed group of artists and writers who were just as eager to collaborate and explore the intersection between art and text as he was.

With the help of the Hurford Center’s Student Arts Fund, the first edition of Graphic Content! was printed over the summer. It contained two complete stories, 3.26 (Written by Konradova and illustrated by Catherine Kim ’21) and Creative Spark! (written by Lauren Earl ’18 and illustrated by Sherry Gao ’21) as well as the beginnings of a third, do the impossible (written by Nguyen and illustrated by Yuying Rong ’20). These pieces depict plagiarists, cats, talking figurines and superheroes, but I would suggest reading them for yourself rather than taking my word for it.

After getting started as a project funded by the Hurford Center, this semester the group is funded by Students’ Council as an official club. With twelve active members, the group is small, but every member is unwaveringly devoted to their individual project. There are six writers and six artists in the group, and each writer-artist pair is collaborating on their own unique project, which is entirely based on the pair’s concept.

This year, the group is working on creating webtoons in addition to traditionally printed stories. Despite acting as editor-in-chief (a position soon to be passed off to Konradova), Nguyen leaves the creative process up to the members—it’s impossible to contain the ideas bursting from each member of the club!

“Everyone’s passion and enthusiasm has combined in a way I didn’t foresee, and it’s been a really exciting opportunity to stretch my artistic muscles,” Nguyen says. With six projects in the works and twelve incredible artists in the group, it goes without saying to keep your eyes peeled for Graphic Content! edition #2.

See Graphic Content!’s website here.

Written by Eleanor Morgan ’20, creative writing major. 

Edited by Matthew Ridley ’19.