New Year, New Literary Magazine: Milkweed Launch Party

Milkweed Literary Magazine, 2018 edition. Cover by Claire Blood-Cheney 20; and photo by Claire Blood-Cheney 20!


There are many transitions in college. Yesterday’s high school graduates are today’s curious first-year students; sophomores become veterans, juniors become distant, and seniors are just about ready to head out the undergrad door to become members of a working society. Alongside the students, Haverford College is itself in a constant series of metamorphoses; between VCAM’s prominence, Magill Library’s reconstruction into Lutnick Library, and new community houses and organizations forming to meet the specific and diverse requests of the student body, this Haverford is very different from the one I encountered three years ago.

As the fall semester wound down to a temporary halt in preparation for fall break, there came another transition: the emergence of Milkweed Literary Magazine. Formerly known as The Haverford Review, Milkweed still seeks to accomplish its traditional mission of being a student-run publication dedicated to publishing creative works of students from across the Bi-Co. In the past, they held weekly meetings that were open to the public, but have started a new permanent, yearly editorial board to contribute to its longevity.



The Thursday before fall break was Milkweed’s official launch party that was held in the VCAM lounge. While the building in itself is a big, spacious landscape where technology abounds, Milkweed made itself known where it matters most: by the community kitchen, where a table stood covered with baked goods. The event made great use of a projector and an accompanying wall across the room to present a slideshow of submitted work, combining art with advanced technology.

The event was a meet-and-greet, introducing editors Eleanor Morgan ’20 and Teruha Stergios ’20 (who have a particular affection for the word “kooky”), flanked by homemade refreshments like brownies, cookies, and juice, and the star of the show, the literary magazine itself. Numerous copies of the publication’s 2017-2018 issue were spread across the table, booklets featuring a wide range of painting, photography, and writing. The art within knew no boundaries: some were literary in nature, serving as poetry or short story, while others veered in the direction of essay prose.

The minimalist nature of Milkweed’s cover (which features an expressively focused piece by photographer Claire Chenyu Wang ’20) fit well with its content, emphasizing reflections that meditate on race, companionship, and nature. It was a pleasure to see both friends and acquaintances have their works represented, and the lounge acted as a space for reading and networking (as well as reconnecting!)—truly a cozy spot on a rainy Thursday night.

Some copies may still live in the VCAM Lounge, and soon issues will be scattered around campus, so those who are interested should keep an eye out. Milkweed is also currently accepting submissions for inclusion in its next issue, and the editors encourage you to submit to if you’re interested.


Written by Matthew Ridley ’19.

Edited by Eleanor Morgan ’20.

Photo by Claire Chenyu Wang ’20 and Olivia Wong ’21.