Taster V: Music and Arts House Introduces Student Artists and Musicians

Pieces of student artwork from the Music & Arts House. Photo by Eleanor Morgan ’20.

Music and Arts House (stylized as MARTS Haus), a community house on campus, hosted their fifth annual “taster” on Saturday, October 6th. The taster intended to provide an opportunity for students to gather and appreciate student art in all forms. Open to the Bi-Co community, the event featured artists, musicians, and poets alike. Students were encouraged to sign up to perform and exhibit their art at the taster–and sign up they did! The walls of apartment 50, home to MARTS, were filled with student artwork.

The atmosphere was informal. As per any great house show, the furniture was shoved to the corners of the room to create a stage for the featured musicians and performers. The edges of the living room were lined with neatly stacked instrument cases, competing with all the eager attendees for space to see student musicians perform. Those who could not find a seat among the copious amount of couches, a friend’s lap, or the floor instead flowed into the kitchen to listen, where cookies fresh out the oven, drinks, and best of all, temporary tattoos were provided along the counter.

Sitting with the rest of the attendees, listening to the folksy, lyrical music of solo singer-guitar acts, I couldn’t help but feel like I had stepped off campus and directly into a Kerouac novel. However, I soon realized the overlap of the two seemingly separate scenes when, at the end of a poetry recital, everyone snapped their approval in true Haverford (and beatnik) tradition.

As the night progressed, people came and left. Eventually, the event moved to the basement where surrounded by the art-filled walls, we gathered to listen to a few student-led bands, including Jazz band, Funkadelphia, and a DJ set, FIRMAMENT PRESENTS: EGO DEATH IN THE CLUB. The basement setting lent itself to a high energy crowd, and as a result, everyone was moving. Of course, endearing commentary from bandmates, peppered-in throw-back covers, and the musicians’ incredible talent helped keep people dancing. What struck me most about the music that night were the varied and vivid sounds of each musical group; no one group sounded distinctly like another. Instead, they all combined aspects from different music genres to result in extremely original and experimental sounds.

All in all, Taster V: 5 Taste 5 Tastiest, the official title of the event, was a blast! With a wide array of art on display, a friendly and casual environment, and a variety of musical acts, the taster lived up to its name. What made the event most impressive was the fact it was entirely student-led; between everyone who organized the event, performed, and showed up, what resulted was incredible and the success of the event was a sure sign of the vitality of music and art on campus!

Written by Shayleah Jenkins ’22, English major.

Edited by Andrew Nguyen ’19.

Photo by Eleanor Morgan ’20.