Sierra Zareck, Diversity and Activism Summer Archive Intern

Sierra Zareck ’20 shares on her experiences on campus as this year’s Diversity and Activism Summer Archive Intern.

Hi everyone! My name is Sierra Zareck and I am the Diversity and Activism Summer Archive Intern this year. My job, in a nutshell, is to investigate the histories of race at Haverford, but it is also so much more than that. I am jointly funded and supported by so many offices: The Council for Diversity and Inclusion, Haverford College Libraries, Hurford Center, CPGC, OMA and the Student Engagement Office. The purpose of my position is to uncover and honor past contributions of community members, archive recent activism, and share this work with the campus.

My typical day usually begins outside. I like to spend the last and first hour or so of my day working outside, as it serves to break up the monotony of the day. I then go to Roberts basement, where most of the Quaker and Special Collections employees are. I work mostly on my laptop researching. The project is still in its early discovery stages, so I am currently trying to create a clear timeline of the histories of race at Haverford. For example, I spent most of the past week looking through digitized Honor Council trials, such as “Charlie’s Angels,” searching for ones that relate to race.

The portable workstation

Each Thursday I meet with a steering committee composed of people from the various offices funding the internship. We talk about my progress for the week, my goals, and different directions for the project. Everyone really helps me stay focused and on a clear path, serving as kind of a sounding board for concepts. I also have been in contact with the Multicultural Alumni Action Group (MAAG). Many alumni have expressed considerable interest in being involved with the project. I am excited to take a lot of perspectives into account, including those of students, faculty, and staff. I will be conducting oral histories to get these perspectives, interviewing various people from the community. I will also be sending out a list of around 10 questions to interested persons to serve as a guideline to participants.

Overall, I am planning on presenting my research in a magazine of some sort. I want it to have a strong visual impact and be accessible to many. I am really excited as to where my work is going to lead me, and if you are interested or have any questions please reach out!


Blog by Sierra Zareck ’20

Edited by MacK Somers ’20