Student exhibits of 2017

2017 has been an exciting year in many ways, but in particular, the new create spaces in VCAM has allowed student artists to showcase their work to the community. Here are the five student exhibit projects we loved so much in 2017:

Big Mess by Jessie Lamworth ’18

Created as a final project in Naomi Safran-Hon’s “Sculpture: Materials and Techniques,” Jessie’s Big Mess was intended to create a delightful spacial experience for the viewer.

SHINE by Alliyah Allen ’18

Alliyah took beautiful portraits of womxn of color at Haverford college, highlighting their experience and voice at Haverford College.

Untitled by Luba Mendelevich ’19

Luba brought objects she has found or acquired around Haverford’s campus together and placed them in an attempt to give them a second life – hoping they would once again serve a purpose, even if it is just reminding people about all that is lost, forgotten and ripped of its value and function.

Shedding City by Colin Fredrickson ’20

Shedding City focused on the resulting discarded, or “shed” items that are designed to be forgotten. The materials used in this exhibition were collected from all parts of campus over the past month and represent a broad range of items.

Lay/Lines by Isabella Siegel ’19

Isa visualized layers of three Philadelphia neighborhoods and drew them onto sheets of clear acetate. The viewers were able to rearrange the layers, and interact with the work to bring layers to the front, or push others behind.