Meet the Staff!

Meet the Staff!


With the move to a new location and the addition of a new staff member, we here at the Hurford Center figure it’s time to remind you who we are.


Up first is Stephanie Bursese. Stephanie is the Philadelphia Area Creative Collaboratives Program Manager, a new program begun just last year. She works as the coordinator between students, faculty, and outside artists to make these projects happen. Look here more information about the Creative Collaboratives and Stephanie’s work with them, and check out the De-centered blog’s interview with her here!


Next up, Matthew Callinan. Matthew is the associate director of the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery (CFG) and Campus Exhibitions. In his work Matthew organizes four CFG exhibitions in addition to the Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition. He also oversees the Gallery’s publications and public programs. The Gallery ultimately aims to extend cultural literacy through the display and analysis of work across visual and material media. Check out the archives of past exhibitions here and here.


Noemí Fernández is the program manager for the HCAH. She oversees the events the Center hosts, including symposiums, artist talks, and performances. She collaborates with and supports the other members of HCAH on their projects, as well as those students and faculty who receive funding through the HCAH. Noemí keeps the Center and all its projects running smoothly.


Kelly Jung is a recent Haverford graduate and the post baccalaureate fellow with the Hurford Center. Kelly assists with various projects related to exhibits and student outreach. She’s responsible for generating content for the social media accounts, working with the student advisory board, and helping with different projects that happen in the create spaces of VCAM.


Kerry Nelson is the financial administrator with the Hurford Center. She keeps track of the budgets and finances for the Center. Kerry updates the budget reports for different accounts, keeps track of the usage of the Center credit cards and reimbursements for department expenses, and creates the end of the year budget reports. She also makes sure that the logistics of Center funded guests, activities, and programs all run smoothly.



Deborah Roberts is the Koshland director of the Hurford Center. She works closely with the staff and the Steering Committee and has general oversight of the Center’s programs and directives. The Director’s main responsibilities include chairing the search for a Mellon Postdoc Fellow, supporting and advising the Fellows and other HCAH faculty, guiding the funding process, and editing HCAH publications.


James Weissinger is the associate director of the Hurford Center and operations manager for the College’s new VCAM building.  He manages all budgetary operations, coordinates web and print communications for the Center, and works closely with the rest of the Hurford Center team to coordinate and find places of intersection and collaboration for the different pieces of the Centerits grants, exhibitions programs, creative residencies, the PACC, and now the Center’s new home, VCAM. Stay on the lookout for an interview with James about his role in the HCAH and the VCAM!


For more information, check out our staff profiles at

Anna Mehta ’18, English Major, Auburn, AL