Meet Kent Watson, the new Maker Space Coordinator and Technician!

Credit: Haverford College Office of Communications

HCAH post-bac fellow Kelly Jung  talks with Kent Watson, the new Maker Space Coordinator and Technician about his background and new role in VCAM.


Please introduce yourself

My name is Kent Watson, I’m the Maker Space Coordinator and Technician in the VCAM building. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Boise, Idaho, and also Erie, Pennsylvania. In school, I focused on digital fabrication and product development. I made a lot of toys like action figures, products for the health and sciences, and 3D printed experimental art.


What is a maker art space and what can you do here?

The term maker space is pretty vague, but it has come to mean a space that has 3D printers, laser cutters, cnc routers, and 3D scanners. I think the space is ideal for makers, artists, thinkers, experimenters, who want to use the equipment to make interactive art, kinetic art, products that help people, products to sell. That’s a lot of different things but that is what I like about these spaces, they attract a lot of people interested in very different things. It makes it hard to define but exciting in terms of the potential of what the space could be.


How can students be involved in the Haverford Maker Arts Space?

The space will be for course work primarily. We are hoping to have four courses happening in the lab in the spring. Outside of that, there will be both introductory and advanced workshops open to anybody on campus. One workshop I am planning this semester is a 3D scanning and 3D printing workshop where participants will get to 3D print themselves. Then there will be open studio time in the lab which will be available to students who have applied, been trained, and granted access to use the space during those specific times.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I can juggle and everyone in my family can juggle!