Learning + Fun Go Hand in Hand!

Hello again!

Now I’ve been interning at the Penn Museum for about 2 1/2 months with about another 2.5 weeks to go! I’ve continued interning in Learning Programs but at the end of June I’ve also started my internship with Public Programs! So I intern in Learning Programs in the morning and do the camp from lunch until I leave! Both have been amazing and cemented my desire to pursue Museum Education!

In Learning Programs I have continued to work on the Education Collection under Allyson, who is one of the best people I have ever worked under! I continue to catalogue the different sections of the collection but I have also created Visualization charts for each section so the location and placement of the objects within the cabinets can become standardized. I’ve also done odd jobs here and there for Allyson whether its finding artifacts we have on display to include in our Loan boxes or taking pictures with a fancy camera for social media. Its all been fun and rewarding! Its also nice, that although I am under the supervision of Allyson, she lets me do my own thing and work through the collection at my own pace. I’ve learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes of Museum Education and its been insightful and cool to see how the department works in its off-season. I have loved every minute of interning in Learning Programs and am excited to come back to intern in January when I come back from studying abroad.

My name badge + gifts from campers!

My name badge + gifts from campers (gimp & some yarn creation)

For Public Programs I serve as the Camp Intern for the Museum’s Educational Day Camp for kids ages 7-13.And I must say, I wish I went to this camp when I was younger! As the camp intern, I design and carry out afternoon outdoor activities for the campers to get them to do some physical activity and team building fun. But the weather has been so hot and rainy that we’ve been doing other activities in lieu of going outside. For the camp I also help all of the counselors and the director of the camp, Jenn, with whatever they need! I’ve grown accustomed to helping the yellow group, which includes all of the youngest campers. And I’ve got to say, even though only a few kids stay the whole 8 weeks of the camp, I’ve become close to a lot of the campers I’ve encountered! They are already so smart and knowledgeable on facts about Ancient Greece, I know they know more than I do! Its so much fun to do “camp-y” things like arts and crafts and Gaga but its also cool to see the campers engage with the gallery talks (which are educational lectures that different counselors hold every week based on the Camp week’s theme + the museum exhibits) and be excited to learn. The counselors come from all different backgrounds, from archaeologists, to theater performers, to someone studying to become a therapist. I’ve developed strong friendships with them and they all inspire me! Jenn is one of the best people I have ever met and is so dedicated to making the camp enjoyable for EVERYONE, campers, counselors, + intern! I’ve loved my time at the camp and will be sad to see it end! I’ve loved it so much that I hope to come back to the museum next summer and be a camp counselor!

A camper's drawing of me!

A camper’s drawing of me!


Overall, this summer internship has been amazing for me and really helped me definitively draw a path for my future career. I am eternally grateful to HCAH for giving me the funds to work in my favorite museum!