Summer at the PMA

So this summer, I’m an intern in the Editorial & Graphic Design Department at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of their Museum Studies summer program. My supervisor is Gretchen Dykstra, the Senior Marketing Editor, and I am grateful to work with her and with a number of other experienced editors and graphic designers in the department. The role of EGD in the museum is kind of broad, which means that my projects are always different and new, and I get to work with a lot of other departments. EGD is responsible for all ephemera published by the museum, both print and digital. That means that everything that has text or an image on it at the museum has gone through EGD. We work closely with other departments to develop content, such as copy for a new brochure for Development, wall text for upcoming special exhibitions, and images for banner replacements, and then our responsibility is to facilitate several rounds of edits and carry each project to publication (whether print or digital). The thing I’m quickly realizing is that there are often hundreds of projects in progress at once, and projects never stop coming in. So there’s always something new and more to do! As an English major with diverse museum experience, this internship placement in particular has been rewarding for me. I get to be surrounded by people who value the way words can support and augment visual art, and get to use the writing and editing skills I’ve gained as an English major and my knowledge of the museum industry to help Gretchen and the EGD staff to the best of my ability. I’ve really enjoyed my first three weeks in this program, and I look forward to the rest! TTYL in a few weeks.