“The Spiritual Garden” comes to a close

On the last day of “The Spiritual Garden,” Prof. Hee Sook Kim was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the exhibit.

“Transformations” by hee sook kim

1) What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery space, especially pertaining to the display of your work?

I did not feel any disadvantage in the space at all. Perfectly happy.

2) What are the connections between your exhibit in the gallery and the class you teach?

It is a a great tool to have my work at the gallery so that students can see the work in person to learn about the creative process on their own, along with inspirations they can have through my work. Students are the web generation who grew up looking at images online conveniently instead of going to galleries and museums. This convenience and aloof experience are unknown disadvantages for them.

3) How does the experience of having your work exhibited at Haverford compare to its exhibition in numerous other places?

It has the advantage of reaching out to the community and meeting people who otherwise would not encounter my work and get to know me.

“The Spiritual Garden” at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery closes today after a thoroughly beautiful five-week run.