“The Spiritual Garden” opens at the CFG

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Courtney Lau, HC 2017, reads the introductory wall text

For weeks Haverford students have been running into the powerful red posters for Hee Sook Kim’s exhibit at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, “The Spiritual Garden”. The exhibition opening proved to be just as beautiful and impactful as the poster. Wandering through the gallery – sadly, I missed the artist’s talk – I was absorbed and pleasantly overwhelmed by the multitude of colors and textures in the pieces.

Hee Sook Kim teaches printmaking at Haverford. I would love to be able to take her class and hear her insights on contrasting colors and materials. In addition to more “traditional” canvases made with acrylic paint and rhinestones, she also displayed Beosun, Korean traditional socks. The variety of works was wonderful: she displayed paintings, multimedia works, prints, installation, and video. 

The opening was well-attended and festive. “I was the only person wearing sports clothing,” said junior Abby Fullem I spotted Abby browsing a catalogue on the couch. I would encourage everyone pick up one the beautiful catalogues that accompany the exhibit. Visiting the Gallery is a wonderful experience – I will be back many times, in order to try and absorb the colorful, lush beauty of the exhibit.

Find out more: http://exhibits.haverford.edu/thespiritualgarden/