Nobody, Anybody, Somebody


I got a chance to sit down with Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein & Abby Fullem, two members of the James House board, who organized the production Nobody’s Home here at Haverford. Abby & Pia brought this play to Haverford after seeing it in the bedroom of co-creator Mason Rosenthal in Philly and we were the first stop on the tour (woot!). Although I did not get to see the play myself, Pia and Abby gave me the full scoop on this “not crossing the line, but still strange play.”

Nobody’s Home dives into the ideas of nothingness and nobody. As described by Pia, “The play combined images, movements and experiences to convey the exploration of identity in the form of somebody, nobody, and anybody.” It is a strictly live performance where the audience is necessary. Food is served (yum!), questions are directed at the audience and people even join the performer in bed. In talking to them, I was upset that I missed it, because I always think it is super cool when the art is centered around the space and the people that fill it.

The day after the performance, co-creators of Nobody’s Home, ran a Devised Theater Workshop (pictured below). Participants of all artistic backgrounds were encouraged to use their creative impulses, skillfully, to produce original work.

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Photos by Lisa Boughter.

Cheers to Mason Rosenthal and Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews for being able to create a unique experience for viewers! Anyone who has not seen it can try to catch it on tour here:

-Peace and Blessings, Aigner Picou ’14, HCAH Media Assistant