And Pig Iron Came Tumbling After

2013-06-18 15.44.26

The PITC administrative offices in Kensington during a brief respite in a thunderstorm.

Hey world,

I’ve been waiting for this to be unclassified: my much-anticipated PAY UP 2013 tumblr has finally gone public:

I mentioned last time that I’ve been doing publicity and social media for this fall’s production of PAY UP, an interactive market place of a show that touches on value, commerce, capuchin monkeys etc.  Well, this tumblr is a repository for all media PAY UP related, be it academic, pop-culture, or theatrical.  I’ve amassed a huge quantity of content so far and am working on assembling it into themed units, or collections of posts.  This week, it’s all about capuchin monkeys and Justin Bieber.  Next week, we’re gonna make it rain ($$).  So far, this has been a very nerdy and rewarding experience, a chance to explore the corners of a fascinating show and a gigantic internet.  There’s a link for submissions under the tumblr’s heading–if you have any ideas for future content, please let me know!  At two posts a day, there are going to be hundreds of posts by the time the show is over.  Feedback is always welcome.

This week, I’ve also spent a lot of time coordinating Pig Iron’s various social media accounts (@pigirontheatre and Facebook), focusing on promoting the tumblr and the ramping up of the PAY UP production process.  I am really not a social media maven (I don’t use Facebook and can’t really figure out LinkedIn), so this has been a new, and probably very marketable, skill for me.  Surprisingly, I like it a lot–it’s really interesting to see which posts attract the most attention and how I can alter our content to increase our reach (this week, I’m focusing on attracting Justin Bieber fans).

In other news, I wrote a grant last week.  The grant is from the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and will provide funding for PITC to host Keith Chen, the Yale economist whose work inspired PAY UP, and sponsor an after-show discussion open to the public.  I mailed the grant in last Friday with minimal supervision from the rest of the office, so we’ll see how it goes.  I refrained from making any puns or jokes in the application, so I’m hopeful.