Call for 2-Minute Presentations // SAVE AS: Lightning Talks 2

ATTN: Hackers, Designers, Luddites, Emoticon-Artists, YouTube Hooligans, Blogger Oddities, Ambient Electronic Muzak-Makers, Faculty, Students, Staff, and all manner of Digital/Non-Digital/Post-Digital Scholars

In the fall of 2012 in Magill Library’s Philips Wing, 20-something students, staff, and faculty gathered together for the first SAVE AS: Lightning Talks event, each presenting digitally-minded 2-minute micro-presentations on animation in a digital world, tumblr and intellectual property rights, the help and hindrance of online religious text databases, and yes, even a brain-melting meta-lesson on how to give a good presentation in two minutes.

See the full list of presentations here.

Amid the hastened shouts of presenters and the polite murmuring of the packed audience, one thing was clear: We have to do this again. To that end, the SAVE AS cabal (an unholy alliance of Digital Scholarship in the Library, Instructional & Information Technology Services, the Hurford Center of the Arts & Humanities, and Tri-Co Digital Humanities) invites you to pitch a 2-minute presentation on your own digital scholarship, the germ of an idea, an app, a game, digital notation, twitter etiquette, something you’ve done, something you want to do. Share past successes or use your dwindling soapbox to source future collaborators. Essentially: Anything that uses, abuses, accepts or rejects digital technology in a way you find interesting.

Intrigued? Email Coordinator for Digital Scholarship Laurie Allen at with a one-sentence description of your idea, and we’ll go from there. Once we reach a critical mass, we’ll announce the spring 2013 date of SAVE AS: Lightning Talks Round 2.