Like Memoirs??


If the break finds you in withdrawal and in major need of a Celtic reconnection, pick up Angela’s Ashes. The memoir, for which author Frank McCourt won a Pulitzer Prize, was published in 1996. It chronicles the impoverished childhood of McCourt while growing up in Limerick, Ireland. Though born in New York to Irish parents, McCourt and his family relocate back to Ireland during his early years, where he spent the rest of his childhood and teenage years. These years living in Ireland are documented in the pages of Angela’s Ashes. Both sad and humorous, the story winds its way through the early lives of McCourt and his family, and although denounced by many Irish as hyperbolic, it propelled itself onto the best-sellers list upon publication. McCourt also published two additional memoirs, ‘Tis (1999) and Teacher Man (2005). ‘Tis follows McCourt’s life after Angela’s Ashes, at the end of which he returns to New York. Teacher Man details McCourt’s experiences teaching in the New York public school systems. McCourt died from cancer in 2009 in Manhattan.


Below I have listed, for your interest, a New York Times obituary-styled article about McCourt and a more detailed description of his work published in 2009 following his
death. I’ve also provide a link to an interview McCourt gave where he discusses Angela’s Ashes.

Happy reading!