Summer Housing Tips

Summer Housing Tips 2023

The 2023 CCPA guide to finding housing for your summer internship!

Every year, students who find internships outside of their hometown are faced with a daunting task: finding summer housing. Here are some tips and ideas to get you thinking about options!

Note: We do not officially endorse any of the places listed below. Please do your due diligence when investigating housing options.

1. Rent a Dorm

In many big cities, some universities rent out dormitory space to summer interns. Contact universities in those cities— most information about their summer housing is on their website. Below are some cities/schools offering summer internship housing:

Atlanta, GA

Emory University 

Boston, MA

Boston University

Northeastern University 

Chicago, IL

Loyola University of Chicago

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Los Angeles, CA


New York, NY

Columbia University

Educational Housing Services

Fashion Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology


The New School

Student Apartment Solutions

The Towers

Philadelphia, PA

Haverford College: HCA Summer Rentals

Drexel University

Villanova University

Temple University

Portland, OR

Portland State University

San Francisco

California College of the Arts

San Jose State University

Seattle, WA

University of Washington

Washington, DC

American University

The Catholic University of America

The George Washington University

Georgetown University


2. Use an Organization Specifically for Interns

There are housing organizations across the country that specialize in summer leases for college interns. If the list below does not yield any results, try searching on university/college websites for local housing recommendations and resources.

3. Sublet from Other Students

Many other college students who are going away for the summer will need people to sublet their apartments while they are away. Try looking on Facebook or a specific college’s online forum for these kinds of postings. As an added bonus, subleasing is frequently cheaper than directly renting an apartment, and often you can find furnished spaces! Just make sure you are in compliance with the state, town, and building leasing restrictions before you commit to a place.

4. Use Your Network

Talk to friends, relatives, and alumni for advice, suggestions, and potential housing leads. You might end up finding someone who is looking for a house sitter or a live-in nanny. Additionally, you may find some leads via Haverford Connect (on the discussion board), the Haverford College Worldwide Alumni group, the Haverford College Alumni Facebook Group, or any other Facebook groups dedicated to housing.

Good luck with your search!