Filip Kesicki '23 poses in his office at Bain.

CCPA Summer Series 2022: Bain & Company

By Filip Kesicki ’23

My name is Filip Kesicki, and I am currently a senior at Haverford. I am originally from Warsaw, Poland, and am majoring in Economics (currently working on my thesis proposal) with a minor in Spanish. Outside of my regular curriculum, I have been involved with the International Student Support Office and have been working as a teaching assistant for Economics 203 and 204. In my free time, I love to travel (I am always on the hunt for a cheap flight), spend time with my friends and paint. 

This summer, I worked as an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Company in their Houston, Texas office. Along with McKinsey and BCG, Bain is considered a part of MBB – the world’s top three management consulting companies. Bain originally started in Boston, Massachusetts in 1973 and over the years has grown to serve public, private, and non-profit organizations across their 65 offices in 40 countries. 

During my 10 week internship, I worked on two different projects (called cases in our industry) helping clients drive value and grow potential across the many divisions in their companies. I had an amazing opportunity to test my skills acquired at Haverford and beyond in practice as well as learn a number of new technical skills useful in the everyday work as a consultant (shoutout to Prof. Mudd and his Corporate Finance class that was definitely very helpful with the work I did!)

During my time with Bain, I spent most of my time building complicated Excel models, conducting numerical analysis with big data, building slide decks for client presentations and participating in meetings with company executives. 

I am happy to report that next year I will be returning to Bain as a full time Associate Consultant! If anyone is interested in pursuing a consulting career, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!