Redirections—New Blog Series!

By Hunter Logan ’23


For years, we have highlighted CCPA-sponsored internships and fellowships through our Summer Series blog. Our posts have built a community of support that honors the hard work and continued success of Haverford students. However, social media has a tendency to project images of perfection, which is the enemy of progress. If we feel like we are falling behind, while everyone else has their futures mapped out, how can we explore, grow, and take risks?


Redirections crafts a counternarrative to normative measures of success by highlighting nontraditional academic and professional trajectories.

We learn about ourselves through our journeys, not our destinations. Most professionals work in careers that do not match their undergraduate studies. They often regret missing out on their “dream job” only to land another, better one. Especially in the liberal arts, students change their majors once, twice, a dozen times. Others take gap years to focus on family, mental health, or non-academic goals. 

Everyone’s path is valid, and no one’s is perfect, despite what social media suggests. There is no such thing as early, on time, or late. We all follow our own timelines and conceptions of progress.


We want to include as many voices as possible. For that reason, we are opening up the Redirections blog to multiple modes of expression. Some may feel most comfortable speaking off the cuff, even in front of a camera. Others want to choose their words carefully, either in a traditional or more creative written work. Submissions may even take the form of an event, Q&A, or performance. The story and the lessons you share are what matter, not fitting any certain mold.

Submissions are rolling and have no deadline. Any Haverford student, alum, or faculty/staff may submit.