AAPI Nonprofits Based in Philadelphia

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) month! To celebrate, here are just a few of the many AAPI nonprofits in Philadelphia.

Asian Americans United

Asian Americans United members holding a sign
Source: AAUnited.org

Asian Americans United (AAU) is a youth leadership organization founded in 1985 to promote unity and leadership within Philadelphia’s Asian community. AAU has led many initiatives including the Community Youth Leadership Project, Chinatown School Bus Campaign, and Fight for the Right to Decent Housing Campaign.

Learn more about their job and volunteer opportunities on their website.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Al-Bustan Seeds Of Culture Logo (a green graphic of a tree next to the name of the organization).
Source: AlBustanSeeds.org

Established in 2002, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture aims to share Arab culture through the arts. The organization serves as a place for Arab Americans to celebrate their cultural identity and for others to gain a cross-cultural understanding. Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture features a presenting program, summer camps, language programs, music classes, and more.

Learn about Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture’s work and volunteer opportunities on their website.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia

A woman dancing as part of a Cambodian Association of Great Philadelphia event.
Source: PhilaCulture.org

The Cambodian Association of Great Philadelphia (CAGP) offers programs and services for the Cambodian community. Some of their offerings include a pre-k program, afterschool programs, summer camps, cultural conservation projects, and health support services.

Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia

The Shofuso Japanese House and Garden from the outside.
Source: JapanPhilly.org

The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia (JASGP) is a nonprofit that promotes a cultural exchange between Philadelphia and Japan. They put on educational, cultural, and social programs, including the Cherry Blossom Festival and tours of Shofuso.

Learn about JASGP’s career opportunities on their website.

Laos in the House

Laos In The House art gallery featuring a large blue painting of a Laotian dancer.
Source: LaosInTheHouse.com

Laos in the House, a CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia nonprofit, seeks to amplify the voices of Lao American artists through programming and events. Their first gallery exhibition, “Laos in the House: Voices from Four Decades of the Lao Diaspora,” featured original works by survivors of the US UXO bombings in Laos, community workshops, and a stage show. Laos in the House’s projects, such as Street Talk and HouseGuests, tell the stories of Lao Americans and refugees through photos and videos.

Moder Patshala

Moder Patshala is an afterschool program to help Bangladeshi-American and other immigrant students and parents adjust to living in the US. Some of their programs include homework assistance, ESL classes for both children and adults, computer literacy classes, and college admissions counseling (all of which are free).

Learn about ways to volunteer on Moder Patshala’s website.

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation

The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) came into existence in 1966, when the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s plans for a new highway threatened existing buildings in Chinatown. By banding together, residents were able to halt the plans and advocate to be included in the city’s urban redevelopment process.

Since then, PCDC has developed 400 units of mixed-use affordable housing for the growing Chinatown population, created a community garden, and designed a $75 million plan to build a Chinatown community center. PCDC offers community building events, free housing counseling services to low/moderate income families, afterschool programs, family support services, small business assistance, and much more.

Learn about PCDC’s career opportunities on their website.


VietLead members holding signs with phrases such as "My culture > Luxury Housing" and "Stop Displacement."
Source: VietLead.org

VietLead is a grassroots community organization with locations in both Philadelphia and New Jersey. They host community programs such as the Farm and Food Sovereignty Program, the Vietnamese Women’s health Project, the Vietnamese Elder Wellness Project, and the Affordable Care Act Outreach, Education & Enrollment Project.

Learn about VietLead’s career opportunities on their website, or get involved via their Volunteer, Intern, and College Organizer Interest & Intake Form.

Woori Center

Woori Center logo (a navy background with yellow text).

Founded in 2018, the Woori Center is an affiliate of National Korean American Service and Education Consortium. They organize community members for immigrant rights advocacy, civic engagement campaigns, and arts and culture programs.

Learn more about the Woori Center’s job/internship and volunteer opportunities on their website.