CCPA Internship Series: Shift Capital

CCPA Internship Series: Shift Capital

Daniel Paredes ‘22

Funding Source: Whitehead Internship Program

“We are real estate developers who do things differently.”

Hello! My name is Daniel Paredes ‘22. and this summer, I worked remotely interning with Shift Capital through the Whitehead Internship Program. Shift Capital is a real estate firm in Philadelphia that dedicates themselves to the mission of long-term self-sufficiency, safety, prosperity, and quality of life for underserved residents in the Kensington neighborhood. Shift actively battles against negative effects of gentrification: displacement, unemployment, and inter-generational poverty through thoughtful real estate development and other measurable social and economic impacts.

Last year, I worked at my hometown’s park conservancy as a summer intern. Since then, I’ve grown an interest in seeing firsthand how working with community and property can result in economic development and sustainability. This being said, working with Shift Capital this summer sounded like a perfect fit for my next endeavor.

I have been working under Bob Kupsch, the director of property management. I had the pleasure of meeting the property management team in person earlier this year after my interview, but in light of the pandemic, my internship had to be conducted online. At the very start of my internship, I was given my own credentials to log into AppFolio, professional property management software, to view and access Shift Capital’s entire real estate portfolio. As someone who has never signed a lease, let alone know what a REIT is, I was excited to familiarize myself with the inner workings of the real estate industry as close to the ground level as one can virtually be.

Although my internship is being conducted remotely, I am still able to participate in Zoom video-call meetings and learn how the department handles their day-to-day duties. I’ve even been able to meet the other departments such as finance, accounting, development and construction, social impact along with the other interns.

Although a good amount of my duties were assignments that could be accomplished alone, I sometimes found myself asking for help or clarification. Through this entire work experience, I realized that asking for help should not be considered as something to be ashamed of, but rather a valuable skill that will serve me well in my future.

I am incredibly excited to participate in the Whitehead Internship program and I am grateful for the opportunity that this program gives students to explore and advance in their career interests.

Thank you!