CCPA Summer Series 2020: WEST Growth

CCPA Summer Series 2020: WEST Growth

By: David Ly ’22

Funding Source: Whitehead Internship Program 

Hi everyone! My name is David Ly ’22. Over my summer break, I will be virtually spending eight weeks at WEST Growth, a financial and business development firm based in New York, NY that is focused on helping early-stage companies improve their business. As a mathematics major, this internship doesn’t really align with what I am studying at Haverford. My interest in finance and business development was prompted by a previous internship that I had during my freshman summer year.

Prior to this internship, I worked at the National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) as a development intern. During that time, I have worked on various projects focusing on budgeting, research, and market development for the museum. This has influenced my decision to further explore development as a career path which led me to being at WEST Growth the summer of 2020.

Initially, my job at the firm involved testing their new digital service platform prior to its release, researching potential market research opportunities for early-stage companies, and creating a data report chart of business covered by the errors and omissions insurance (EO) and fidelity bond (FB). In addition to this, I even had the opportunity to listen in on many insightful business meetings at WEST.

Although I was not able to meet with many of the staff members at WEST due to COVID-19, my supervisors have all been very professional and wonderful people. They worked to reach out with me on what I was looking for in my WEST internship and acted as a resource for all my projects. If I was to describe the atmosphere at WEST, I would say that the company is very professional and welcoming. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mark Brenner, a vital member of the company with a very accomplished background in entrepreneurship, as my supervisor. Under him, I got to sit in on plenty of sales meetings with companies from various industries to get a clear sight of the business world.

In general, I would say that my first month at WEST Growth has been a really great experience. I enjoyed the wide range of projects that I have been given and I look forward to the future projects that the firm has in store for me. To give you an example, one of the projects that I will soon be working on involves analyzing a balance sheet and building a budget template for one of WEST’s clients, MyNeurva. MyNeurva is a company that designs and provides technology to professionals to directly measure and modify brain activity of those who suffer from neuropsychiatric disorders. The company is one of the many that has been dramatically hit by the effects of COVID-19 and I have been assigned to closely follow this company as they work to make a breakthrough. This will most certainly be an enriching experience as I witness first-hand the journey of an entrepreneurial business through their toughest times. Overall, I can say without a doubt that I will really enjoy my time here as an intern at WEST Growth and will strongly consider business development as my career path.