CCPA Summer Series 2020: DLL

CCPA Summer Series 2020: DLL

By Michelle Kaplan ’22

Funding Source: Whitehead Internship Program

My name is Michelle Kaplan and I am a rising junior at Haverford majoring in psychology and minoring in health studies. This summer, through the Whitehead Internship Program, I am interning at DLL on the Pay-Per-Use team with Matthew Jennings ‘99. DLL is a global financial solutions company headquartered in the Netherlands with more than 50 years of experience and conducting business in over 30 countries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my internship was moved from in-person to virtual. Having never experienced an online internship, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. Since I started the internship my nerves have been calmed and my expectations exceeded. I found that the uncertainty I felt going into a virtual internship is similar to many of my colleagues because working from home is a new format for everyone at the company. To help maintain contact and collaboration, my team has video conference meetings twice a week to update each other on projects so important details do not slip through the cracks while working from a distance.

DLL has a talented group of interns for summer 2020 working on different teams throughout the business, allowing me to meet and interact with college students from all over the country. The DLL Talent Acquisition team has created a great program for the interns, getting together throughout the summer to learn from superiors within the various departments of the company. In our most recent meeting, we were addressed by Bill Stephenson, the CEO of DLL. The interns also meet to share how the working from home experience has been to help one another adjust to the unfamiliar process and facilitate typical workplace human interaction. I am quite impressed with the focus the company has on ensuring the interns benefit from the internship. Everyone I have interacted with at DLL has been extremely helpful and kind, offering guidance and support so I can learn and gain the most out of this experience.

My Haverford education has prepared me for the work I am doing at DLL. Haverford has sharpened my communication and teamwork skills along with pushing me to adapt to different teaching styles. This has helped me acclimate to working from home while still maintaining strong connections and innovative discussions with the people on my team. I have also been exercising the critical thinking skills that Haverford has helped me to develop. One of the projects I have been working on is reviewing market research of a current Pay-Per-Use team transaction and providing an outside analysis to the plans, considering different factors, and identifying potential problems or areas of concern. The Pay-Per-Use team is a fairly new business unit to DLL, so another assignment I am starting is interviewing the members within the Pay-Per-Use team to discover the overall strengths of the team, what they have learned so far, as well as weaknesses of the team that can be improved upon. The evaluation of this information will help to form a stronger path for the future growth of the Pay-Per-Use team at DLL. As part of the DLL internship program, I will present my findings from these projects at the end of the summer.

I am only halfway through my internship at DLL and I have already learned a great deal that will help me with my future business aspirations. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend the summer with DLL and am looking forward to what is to come as I continue my internship.