CCPA Summer Series 2019: DLL

CCPA Summer Series 2019: DLL

By Charlie Russ


My name is Charlie Russ and I am a rising senior, political science major, and Men’s lacrosse player. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at DLL. I was placed into the project management department with Matt Jennings, where I would be helping DLL roll-out their new operations system called MOSAIC. Going into it, I was nervous because I knew I would be working closely with computer developers, something I knew absolutely nothing about! However, these concerns were swiftly quelled by my supportive coworkers who were always eager to help me.

Right off the bat, I was tasked with solving a critical problem in their line of communication between developers and business support. I had complete freedom to create my own solution. This was very empowering for me as an intern because not only did my supervisors entrust me with a significant problem, they also let me be creative and independent in my approach.

In a nutshell, I built a new system for reporting upcoming functionality in MOSAIC to business support. This report allowed our development team to more efficiently solve production problems for business support as well as inform business support and clients of upcoming functionality being delivered. This enabled DLL to deliver more functionality faster to our customers.

During this project, I built upon the communication and writing skills I have been honing at Haverford. Additionally, this project greatly enhanced my Excel skills, and I also learned how to use SalesForce. These hard technical skills are things that will definitely be useful to me in the future, and I’m elated to have added them to my arsenal of marketable skills. However, the most important things I learned at DLL came just from observing.

Around the middle of the summer, the project management department had two back-to-back all-day meetings to review, discuss, and improve our working process. First and foremost, I had no idea how hard and complicated it is to build a new computer system and continuously integrate it into the already existing business and technological infrastructure. It takes massive amounts of time and communication to get even the smallest pieces correctly into place sometimes. That being said, during these meetings I was absolutely floored by the level of positive communication, teamwork, and leadership I observed. During those two days, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to communicate and work with others in a professional environment, which I feel are invaluable skills I can use in any industry in any culture.