CCPA Summer Series 2019: The Philadelphia Citizen

Hear about Elizabeth Warner’s summer as the Civic Impact, Events, and Programming Intern with the Philadelphia Citizen, an online media organization that focuses on providing both deeply reported, solutions-based journalism, and civically-minded events for the community.

By Elizabeth Warner
This summer I had the privilege of interning for The Philadelphia Citizen. The Citizen is an online media organization that focuses on providing both deeply reported, solutions based journalism, and civically minded events for the community. I am the Civic Impact, Events, and Programming Intern that focuses on the civically minded events. This summer we had many events which included a conversation between Ali Velshi and Richard Vague, and a happy hour networking event for women in Philly.
A big project that I worked on is a day-long festival called Ideas We Should Steal. The festival focuses on highlighting good ideas working in other cities, that we should bring to Philly. I worked on finding people to invite for panels and TED style talks. The event will be on December 10th and I am excited to continue working on the event through the school year.
I was also able to write stories for The Citizen. We publish a weekly article called, “Do Something” where we highlight cool things happening in Philly for our readers. That was a fun way to research events and explore the city in the summer. For my other articles, I was able to interview interesting people doing good things in the city. Some articles I worked on featured a Philly couple that runs a summer camp for kids that do not thrive in traditional camp settings, another article focused on an Iranian immigrant that sells art in Reading Terminal Market.
The Citizen focuses on solutions journalism that provides agency to community members and works to highlight problems in our community, while still uplifting work being done in the community. I was able to attend a Solutions Journalism Conference with the other interns in the beginning of the summer. The conference helped to generate story ideas and make sure we were writing solutions style articles.
This summer I learned a lot about the value of a good work environment. I had a great experience with The Citizen’s staff and other interns and that really made my summer special.  Through reporting and at working and attending Citizen events I was able to meet a lot of really interesting people that provided me with great advice and could potentially help me in the future. I also learned a lot more about Philly this summer.
I am a Political Science major and Peace, Justice, and Human Rights concentrator which really helped me this summer. My classes in urban politics and policy especially helped prepare me for this internship. My work in the Admissions Office helped with being able to talk about Haverford with people at events.
All in all my summer at The Philadelphia Citizen was very valuable and really fun. I want to thank the CCPA for making it happen and everyone at The Philadelphia Citizen that made it enjoyable.