CCPA Summer Series 2019: AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health

CCPA Summer Series 2019: AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health

By Lillian Alonzo

I currently work at the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health. I work within the Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII) as a part of the Office of the Medical Director (OMD). Every day I work to help further end health disparities through the ECHO Collaborative, a HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program initiative focused on increasing viral suppression in four subpopulations identified as having the greatest disparities in viral suppression. These subpopulations are MSM of color, Youth, Black/African-American and Latino women, and Transgender people. The CQII’s role within the AIDS Institute is to help the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program’s structure and implement quality improvement projects. Such projects can include, but are not limited to, care continuity, addressing and combating stigma within partnered clinics, and helping set up diversity training for health providers and their staff.

While working with CQII, I engage in projects aiming to improve the process and quality of care received by the before stated subpopulations around the country. Through regular meetings with health providers, quality improvement coaches, and people living with HIV (PLWH), I have been able to learn about the intersection of quality improvement, medical care, and technological innovation. The Collaborative will inform clinics around the nation, and possibly the globe, on how to utilize telecommunication for quality improvement in regards to healthcare.

Some projects I am currently in charge of are drafting a manuscript about the Collaborative and its successes for future publishing, a Change Package consisting of all the initiatives enacted by community partners and health providers within the Collaborative, and a collection of best practices from the Collaborative to be disseminated for reproduction. All of these projects are centered around documenting and sharing the techniques and successes of the Collaborative to inform the wider health community of quality improvement steps that could better the experience of PLWH, or any other chronic illness that could be applicable.

After my time at URMC, I will be flying to the Dominican Republic with Dr. Branche to take part in a program called “H3 Revive” and volunteer at Los Ninos al Hospital Infantil de Arturo Grullon in Santiago. She returns to Los Ninos Al Hospital Infantil de Arturo Grullon to perform checkups and provide medicine for children living with HIV and their parents. Their parents are educated in how to best help their children and themselves as they live with disease. As a part of H3 Revive, I will help run a HIV Unit where I will help treat patients in any way that I can and run a camp for the children living with HIV. My desire here is to purely be of help in any way possible. I am truly thankful for the opportunities I have been blessed with this summer thanks to the Primary Care Pre-Medical Internship Provided by Dr. Steven Jaharis.