CCPA Summer Series 2019: Educational Outcome Consortium

The CCPA’s Summer Series continues with Isabel Floyd’s perspective on receiving funding from the Whitehead Internship Program to pursue an internship with the Educational Outcome Consortium. Read more here!

By Isabel Floyd
This summer, I’ve received funding through the Whitehead Internship Program to work for the Educational Outcome Consortium (EOC), a small higher education consulting company with one of its’ two main employees based in New York and its’ other based in Portland, ME. My work starts in Portland on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited! Until then, I’m enjoying some time with my family and dogs, who conveniently live just outside of Portland. I’ll be in Portland for the first week of my internship, but then I head down to NYC to work with the other main employee of the company. I’ll stay in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with a Haverford student and a recent alum in a long term Airbnb, and I’m super excited to spend some time exploring the city and getting to know my neighborhood.
As for my work, the EOC mostly focuses on providing consulting services to college honors societies. Their mission is to help “lead the transformation of national honor societies from antiquated ‘resume fillers’ to higher education innovators focused on elevating the student experience and enabling their members’ leadership development and future success.” On a practical level, this entails working with honors societies to help them figure out how to manage their money effectively so that they can provide as many and as high-quality scholarships and services to their members as possible. Honors societies also outsource certain member services to the EOC, for example, EOC employees can provide resume and career counseling services, and the EOC can provide honor society members access to its proprietary networking and hiring platform called GiftedHire. I’m really excited to work for such small company, as I think it will be a great way to gain experience working in all parts of a business, from marketing to data analytics to the development of services and products!
Nicholas Farina, a Haverford alumni and a co-founder of the EOC, is also a co-founder of Eeroq, a startup that is working to build a quantum computer. In compliment to their pursuit of a functional quantum computer, Eeroq is also funding research on some of the ethical implications of the successful creation of a quantum computer. Though the development of quantum computing will radically increase our computing power and will undoubtedly lead to world-changing advancements in medicine, encryption, AI & machine learning and other fields, the development of this technology could have serious consequences. As a side project to my main work at the EOC, Nick has invited me to engage with some of the research that Eeroq is funding to study the potential ethical consequences of quantum computing, and has even invited me to come on one of his monthly trips to the operating headquarters of Eeroq at the University of Michigan. This a fantastic and exciting opportunity for me, as I am a philosophy major and a computer science minor. I highly look forward to learning a bit more about this emerging technology and helping to lay some groundwork for how it might be ethically developed and employed. All in all, it should be an interesting summer!