Jump Starting Your Job Hunt Over Spring Break

Jump Starting Your Job Hunt Over Spring Break

As your semester has geared up with mid-terms, class projects, papers, exams, practices, and club events, you might have put your career search to the side.  Here are some tips on how to energize your career, job or internship search over spring break.

1. Pick a Direction.

Students at every stage of college struggle with figuring out what they want to do. Job hunting can be completely overwhelming if you haven’t narrowed down what you actually want out of your summer or for your first destination after graduation. Use the CCPA’s self-assessment resources to evaluate your own skills, personality style, and interests. You can also contact us to talk through your ideas and questions. Try to narrow your interests down to a couple fields of interest.

2. Learn From Alumni.

When you have identified some fields that interest you, contact at least 2 alumni in these fields for information and advice. Talking to alumni will help you to gain an “insider’s perspective” of a field or a certain position. They can tell you about their career path and industry trends and share advice for entering or exploring their industry further. Use our Networking Guide which contains sample emails, tips on questions to ask, and etiquette for reaching out. All HC students have access to the Haverford online alumni community, which contains the online alumni directory (click on Fords Alumni Directory). This is also a great time to update (or set-up) your LinkedIn account. Once you have this account and add your education information, you can go to www.linkedin.com/alumni and search Haverford alumni by industry and location!

3. Narrow It Down and Search.

After talking with alumni about your fields of interest, try to set practical goals for what you hope to gain in your next position. This may be specific career skills, general field exposure, new contacts, or any combination of these. Then, with these goals and priorities in mind, begin your search! Read up on the CCPA’s tips for searching for jobs or internships and make sure you take advantage of the numerous online resources CCPA subscribes to (Spotlight on Careers, Vault Career Insider, internships.com, Policy Jobs, Environmental Career Opportunities, What Can I Do With This Major?, Ethical Jobs, Human Rights Jobs, Current Jobs for Graduates, GoinGlobal, Political Jobs, and more).

4. Create Your Application.

When you find positions that match your goals, apply! Create or update your resume and write some specific and awesome cover letters! Take a look at the CCPA’s guides for creating these application materials at the links and remember that you can submit both of these to the CCPA for critiques!

5. Organize Your Search.

You will likely be applying to MANY positions, so create a Google spreadsheet to keep track of the organizations you have investigated, jobs and internship deadlines, application requirements, and the date you applied.  This will help you keep track of your process and encourage you to add more opportunities to your list. See some more tips here.

6. Relax, Rest Up and Enjoy Your Break!